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What can you expect during a Psychic Medium reading with Imelda?

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

Imelda Brewer, BSW, MBA, Psychic Medium, Metaphysical Practitioner
Imelda Brewer, BSW, MBA, Psychic Medium, Metaphysical Practitioner

Imelda is a professional psychic medium, and she works directly with her Spiritual team as well as yours when sitting in a session with you.

Because Imelda is Clairvoyant, Claircognizant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient, Clairalience and Clairgustance. This means that she has all of her energetic senses open beyond the 5 senses used by the physical body and she can obtain a lot of information about any one situation.

These energy senses allow her to communicate with all aspects of creation, including minerals, plants, animals, planets, elements, people and all of areas of their Spiritual essence. Anything that has a consciousness can be communicated with, including inanimate objects that have been owned or held by a person, animal or any living thing, such as jewelry, furniture, etc.

Using her abilities to communicate with anything with a consciousness, she can communicate with people who have crossed over or are still alive, you see, consciousness is eternal and never stops existing. Therefore, she can communicate with you, the past you and the future you, and every aspect of your life, time and space.

Conversations with Imelda can be about:

*Day to day challenges

*Concerns in romantic relationships

*Family, friends, children

*Health, nutrition deficiencies and metal/emotional habits causing you illness.




*People in your life (family, friends, lovers, romantic partners, work colleagues, children)

*Life purpose and learning goals

*Connecting with Spiritual Guides, with your Higher Self/Soul

*Developing and strengthening your own intuition

*Understating your life blocks, stagnation and challenges

*How to create a balanced life in chaos and uncertainty

*Past lives and karmic cycles you brought into this one to resolve

*How to love yourself and avoid the traps of self-judgement and criticism

*How to develop your abilities as a healer or Psychic Medium to help others.

*And so much more...

Seeking direction and clarity about your current life is the best investment you can make in yourself. You are here to thrive and challenge yourself beyond your programmed beliefs and ideas and conditioning through habits and non-action.

We become lazy and allow ourselves to be guided and driven by other people's idea of who we should be and how we should behave. We have been programmed through eons on earth and its societies (religion, family, politics, etc.) to live in ways that might not be beneficial to our Soul and purpose for living on earth. As a matter of fact, they may be contradictory to who you are and feel out of place in your own life.

You are the most important person living in your life and by being cognizant and aware that you are important, then you will seek what is best for your own peace and joy. If you are at peace, then all of those around you are at peace and can thrive as well.

Imelda's goal with you during session is for you to feel lighter and have peace that you are in the right place and time for change. She will explain the underlying issues of your situation and give you concrete steps to look inward so you can feel your own truth.

Imelda's role is to illuminate your own truth, the truth you already feel inside of your heart. She will give you reasons behind what is happening on the surface of your life so that you can understand with better clarity why these situations happen and how they can be overcome with grace by illuminating the dark, unseen, neglected areas. Imelda tends to look into your past lives and/or parallel realities to understand why situations are unfolding a certain way over others. Why the people involved are a part of this situation, and what role they play in the overall drama of your life at this moment.

If you can understand the "why", then the "how" will be easier to manage.

Please take the time to write out your questions and concerns when sitting with Imelda and her Spiritual team. Investing time and effort into your questions will enable her to get to the root of the issue within the time frame you booked. It also shows you have an investment in your life and want to create positive change in it. Your own Higher Self will help you ask the right questions if you allow this part of you to help.

You can ask anything you like but please be sure you want to know the answer to the question. Sometimes, finding out the truth is the impetus for action and change.

You can take notes or record the session for future listening.

"You don't have a mission; you are the mission." Imelda

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