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When and how did we begin to create Karmic energy on earth?


Conversation with Guides: Past lives 3-week class

Imelda Brewer

Topic: How we separated from our Divine eternal Self

Imelda: Where in time did the original feeling of fear begin within us? At what point did we begin the creation of Karmic energy as we understand it? And how do we return to our Divine essence?

Imelda’s Vision: I am being shown a reference to the story of Adam and Eve. The discovery that one is naked because we begin to assimilate to the external world through comparison, societal expectations and demands to fit in to the reality of our peers. I will use the term living in a world of duality. We began to detach from our own Higher Self /Soul/God identity and Divine existence and separated ourselves from this Oneness into fragments of the physical world. Once the fragmentation of Self began, we labeled them by giving our fragments names such as loss, fear, death, jealousy, separation, shame, and blame. Labeling created fragmentation of Self into different and individual parts away from our Divine wholeness. Then, we judge ourselves for being “broken” and feeling alone.

Spiritual Guides step in:

Comparing yourselves to one another created your world of duality. The moment you stop being yourself and want to become someone outside of you through comparison (envy, jealousy), you separate from your Divine Self.

Death was created in your minds. Death means separation from eternal life. Death is limitation, fragmentation of the Self, somehow, you believed that you could die, therefore, you began to defend yourselves through resistance, warfare, control to stay alive, to self-preserve. You forgot that coming to earth was only a short trip. This short trip required you to wear an earth outfit so you could move about in this atmosphere. You began to believe that without this earth outfit you would die and therefore gave it extreme importance over your energetic body.

You began to create a world around this physical body to meet its small needs. You created houses, foods, ways of satisfying it, you forgot about your Spirit, your essence, the eternal you. So, you began to create limitations, walls, ceilings in your mental and physical existence.

This process did not happen in one lifetime. Every time your body died, and you returned to Spirit, you realized what you had done and aimed at correcting it by incarnating again. For what is created on earth must be corrected in a physical form.

So, initially, your trips to earth were to “remember” that you were Divine, eternal, and pure love. That your trip was only for pure self-discovery while in a human body.

But as your brothers and sisters who continued to populate and live on earth created realities that suited and fit their physical form, you would be born in a more “solid” reality, created around the illusion of the body’s needs.

Therefore, family systems, rituals, morals, beliefs, values, political and religious systems, and ways of life to survive were created; they were intended to support the body and its needs.

Vows, promises as commitments. When you make vows and promises, you often base them on the permanence of your life in physical form. You “think” that how you feel right now about that “commitment” will always be. That you will always feel this way toward the commitment. But the body’s changing emotions and attitudes are nomadic and transitory. Making commitments that tie you to a permanent way of thinking, believing, or engaging with another person, will create bonds and ties on earth that you will have to return to correct if you do not follow through on them. Particularly, if you have made unloving choices.

You, over lifetimes, of incarnating, created more karma through forgetfulness, and vowed to return each time to make things right, to remember. Why? Because your loving, Divine, self could not let itself live without making corrections to make things right with self and others. To make things right meant to remember your Divinity, your wholeness. Through this remembrance, you would make a different choice, a better, more loving choice, for yourself and therefore correct unloving choices made in the past with others.

When you arrive at your Spirit form, you become aware that your trip to earth had been just that, a trip. However, forgetting that the body is only a blessed vehicle to help your energy body maneuver through earth, you created bonds, vows, promises, ideas, beliefs, ideologies, based on an illusion. You have made decisions based on the illusion of the body’s permanence that has caused you to go against your own Higher-Self values, your Higher-Self Love.

Over lifetimes, you made decisions based on something that is not permanent or long lasting, your body and its needs. Even though Mother Earth, this blessed planet provided you all you needed, you went on and created new environments that separated you from others. Kept you captive in your house, inside walls. Fear of others taking away what you have built have created a danger in your mind that what you have gathered can be taken away, forgetting that it is not yours to begin with.

All you create in this world; you will leave in this world. Nothing is yours, yet you create borders, lines, limitations that separate what “is yours from what is someone else’s. You invent wars and destruction to ensure that you live on by protecting what is not yours, it all belongs to the earth and it will stay on the earth long after you are gone.

Your limited world is based on the limitations of the body and the NOT the permanence and eternal Spirit Self. This belief is supported by your societies, your families, your science, and your religion. The belief that the body is all there is, that what you see with your eyes is all that exists keeps you on the surface of your own existence and validity.

If you created your world based on the unlimitedness and permanency of the Spirit, your world would be much different than it is now.

Wars would stop, borders would open, fields of fruits and vegetables would be shared with everyone on earth. Oppression of people would stop, and everyone would begin to thrive because each of you would understand your valuable contribution of Self to this world. Each person would shed heavy karmic armor instantly, and your magnificent spirit self would emerge and be seen by all who share your world. Just as it is in “heaven, it would be on earth.”

The chains of limitations, of fears, of self-hatred, of self-oppression would fall to the ground (mineral kingdom) and each of you would step away free. Free of self-punishment, shame, regret, resentment and be free of all illness of the body, the mind and heart. You would be free of all that keeps you stuck, stagnant, immovable.

You would experience your own Spiritual vibrancy, which is creative, abundant, unlimited in resources, and happy. All of this is possible for you my friends, my loved ones, my companions. All of this is LOVE.

Imelda: How do we return to the ecstasy of being?

Let go of your fragments of shame, fear, anger, blame. Stop limiting your life experiences because you perceive someone else is holding you back. Stop blaming others for pointing out your own fears, Fears that have traveled with you lifetime after lifetime. These fragments of fear have created limitations in your mind and vows to believe ideas about yourself that create long term ties to this earth.

Stop creating narratives that have encased you in stories of the past, you are not the past, you are the present, The “past” as you call it was once the present, but you moved past it and now you have a new present, you have NOW.

Most of you live in the “past” and carry the burdens of that past which in turn, you use to make decisions in the present. Which means you will continue to create more pain, more limitations, injure more people and feel guilty about it. The cycle goes on and on, lifetime after lifetime, era after era.

Your opportunity to change the “past” is in the NOW. How? By making a new choice, not based on past experiences, but by having a new outlook, a new vista of potential, creativity, and the need and desire to feel different than you have felt before. Be creative in your decisions, create new choices you did not think you had before.

Explore opportunities beyond your own limitations, the limitations of your family, friends, groups, and societies. Their old beliefs and patterns of identity keep you circling around and around, bringing from the past into the present the same limiting beliefs you accepted many lifetimes before and with the same people!

Allow yourself to explore who you are in the now and are capable of Being in these new choices without the limitations of the past. Explore yourself in these new emotional, mental, physical environments.

Once you begin to change the trajectory of your lower emotions to a higher frequency of love, then your choices will always be in alignment with the present you, not the past you. Because love only knows Now. Love does not have a past; it lives in a constant state of NOW.

Think, feel, do differently. This is the only way you can begin to utilize this magnificent earthly body to unify you with your Divine, eternal self. BE ALL OF YOU.

Who should I say wrote this?

The teachers of the past who have lived and learned that love is all there is. We are the trainers of the new millennia, the new earth, the new outlook of humanity. We embody the love that is real and eternal. We are the council of Seven who work to illuminate your instruction and create bonds and ages of change within your students, the students of life and love. We love you deeply and know that you are seeking illumination within your journey to find your way back to love. Everlasting love is the only truth. Everything outside of this truth is an illusion. Remember this.

Thank you for being with me and for the extensive information you have provided for our class.

Copyright© Imelda Brewer 2022

Note: Imelda channels information from various Master teachers and Guides who are interested in sharing their information with us so that we become enlightened to our own Divine origin. Her class content is based on the direct lectures and teachings of these Spirit Masters who participate with joy and excitement in every class.


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