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Bath Ritual

Soul-Centered Grounding Soap

Use when you are feeling lost, uncreative, angry, out of touch with yourself,

Separate from others and your life, unbalanced and ungrounded.

How to use soaps

Before shower:

Begin by taking long and controlled breaths and slow exhales as you prepare for your shower or bath. This process serves to release the trapped energy in your diaphragm, heart and lung area by moving stagnant energy so you can jump start a flow within you.

Focus on the air around your nostrils as you breath in and out.

With every breath and focus, surrender your thoughts as if you are emptying your mind of the heaviness in your head.

Just for this time while you prepare to shower, allow yourself to let go of all thoughts.

This process can begin when you decide you are going to bathe or shower to clear your energy field. It may begin in the morning, afternoon or evening, or even the day before or week before, the point is for you to surrender the pain and stagnation.

You may light a candle of your cho

ice, usually a snail one such a tea light is enough, unless you have an altar candle you use on a regular basis for your rituals.

Consider this a special time for yourself. This is your moment of surrender, a moment when you stop resisting and allow the blessings and grace of your Divine Self to be received by the inner you that needs peace.

As you remove your clothing, imagine that each garment represents the weight of the world, of your wor

ries, of that you have been carrying for so long,

As you drop each piece of clothing purposely on the floor, surrender, release and allow Mother Earth to take all you have carried, Let her help you carry your burdens as you return then t

o her with each item of clothing, Have faith in you that you have done all you can for now and this is a time to allow Mother Earth to help align your body to her energy.

She will reach through your bare feet and reconnect you to her strength, vitality, resilience, power, confidence, and determination to continue on.

She will help ground you to your body, to the now, the present. Oftentimes our worries are about the future and what will happen. We don't have full control of the future; you do have full contro

l of you and your present perception and participation in this moment in time.

Grounding will help you reconnect to yourself as you bring your focus back to this moment and stop living in the past and in the future. The present is your moment of power because you can make new choice right now.

Spend a few minutes

with your feet flat

on the ground, sitting or standing in the nude. Close your eyes and accept Mother Earth energy coming up through your feet. Remain focused on the air you feel in your nostrils. With each breath you inhale, you are pulling the energy of Earth up through your feet, your legs, hips, and up the chakra system.

With every exhale, you are creating the loop of energy to flow back into the earth: Accepting and releasing, accepting and releasing, connects you to the earth energy. You once again feel a part of the Earth and the feeling that you belong to something greater, more powerful and beautiful than your worries and hurts.

Once you feel more co

nnected to your body and SELF, step into the shower or into the bath.

You might want to turn on the water ahead of time for it to get to your desired temperature or fill the bathtub before you begin the grounding ritual.

Please save water as much as possible, especially in California.

As you prepare to enter the water, ask for this element to revitalize your energy. Ask that the power of the oceans and rivers wash away you pain, worry, doubt, etc.

Step into the bath or shower and surrender to its energetic cleansing process. Close your eyes, continue to breathe, and feel the liquids of your body: blood and water connect to the running or bath water. Surrender.

Take the soap between your hands and rub your hands together to create a lather,

Ask the energy of the soap to wash away yo

ur requests so that you may be clean and purified from all that holds you back and down.

With the soap in your

hands, begin at the top of you head, rub your scalp, your face, back of neck, throat, and make your way down your arms and chakras at the center of your body,

IF there is a specific heaviness such as discomfort, pain, pressure in any part of your body, rub the soap in a clockwise motion in those areas.

Pay attention to any aches and pains you feel in your body, and rub those areas in a clockwise motion with the soap.

Be present in this m

oment as your body and mind release the unwanted energies. This is a ritual bath or shower and should be treated with respect and reverence, for you are the important element in this ritual.

You can keep the water running if you are taking a shower or you can turn it off as you lather and cleanse, follow what feels right to you.

Keep on breathing throughout this ritual.

When you feel you have completed the cleansing, rinse completely and shampoo and condition your hair as normal.

IF you are in a bath, sit in the tu

b for as long as necessary to feel rejuvenated and re-aligned.

IF you are in the shower, stay in the shower for a few minutes while the water runs down your body. Turn off the water and stand for a few minutes while your body continues to ground and clear.

Heart Centered


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