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My name is Imelda Brewer and I truly enjoy working with people who are invested in their life and growing through their experiences and seeking self-mastery.  I believe that your life is very important and it's also important to those around you who have agreed to walk this life path with you or without you!

I also know that each of us is unique, and we each bring forth a plethora of life experiences that are valuable, not only for ourselves but for those we share a part of our life with. This means that I take your life and its experiences as important and that answers to your questions must be given with the outmost integrity and purity without violating your free will to choose by creating fear in you.

There is nothing in your life that Spirit doesn't wish to uplift to the highest level of potential and possibility. Spirit will never provide you with fear-based information that will stifle or limit your potential or ability to make choices for yourself. 

I only work with the Highest and purest of Spiritual energies by giving you hope, possibilities, understanding, creativity, trust, peace, faith in yourself, and love for yourself and others. 


I also believe that we all have the potential to connect to our Higher Self where we are pure of heart and where true guidance can be felt that will assist us in life.  I teach people to connect to this Divine Guidance that is within us so that we can know and understand why things happen in our lives, and how they are perfectly coordinated with other parts of our life. As hard to believe as it is, you as the intelligent and wise Self you are, have created and chosen every aspect of your life. Those who walk with you whether it be for life or for a temporary moment in time, have agreed to be a part of your journey.  

Developing your intuition and psychic abilities allows you to connect to the universal mind of the Creator and collective consciousness, consecrating your will with the will of your Higher Self, creates a more peaceful and directed life for you and those you love. Why? because you are intuitively guided by your Higher Self to make decisions that are aligned with your authentic self. You will feel more peace, trust and courage in your life. This also means that you will seek to understand at deeper levels the meaning of every interaction, situation and relationship.  This is where I help you on your journey! 

I look forward to meeting with you whether in our store showroom or in a one-on -one session. 


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My Story

       I am a multi-generational professional Psychic Medium, Energy Healer, Metaphysical instructor, practitioner and Spiritual Psychologist. I come from a matriarchal line of practicing mediums and energy healers spanning at least three known generations. I have grown up connected to my intuition and have used it to guide my life as long as I can remember. My Spiritual connection is as important to me as my heart beating and blood coursing through my veins. My Spiritual work is a daily practice and vocation, not just a hobby I do on the side.  


I use my psychic and mediumship abilities to connect to Higher levels of consciousness. All my clairs are developed which means I see, hear, smell, sense, know and taste subtle energy. This means that I can connect to all consciousness across time and space through the universal grid. It doesn't matter if a person is "alive" or "dead", if it's a stone or an animal, a mountain or the air, a planet or a galactic Being, I can connect and receive information from them. Because we are all frequency and data, information is available to me to read and interpret through the individual frequency channels and patterns we all are made of. I can find your pattern imprint across all time and space since your individual print is unique to you. 

      I collaborate with my Spiritual team "The Collective Allegiance to raise human consciousness and understanding," which is a group of Highly developed Spiritual Master teachers from various Spiritual realms, intergalactic Beings from other dimensional realities and Guides who train and assist me in my life's work. Their loving work is geared toward raising humanity above the darkness of ignorance created by fear-based beliefs that have been perpetuated by religious dogma, governments, armies and human greed. They know we have forgotten our connection to the Source of our Creation and have closed our eyes and allowed those who are blind to lead us astray. 

Through our sessions, they seek to empower you to take control of your own mind and life. They encourage you to ask questions so that you get a sense of control of your direction and return to your curious nature when you asked about everything. They want you to question what you think you know so that you open up to "knowing" your truth and living it according to your own Higher Self goals and values.   

I have not been trained by a physical metaphysical teacher like many mediums, my teachers have been energetic in nature and without physical form. I sit with them regularly and have been doing so for decades to learn from them and they in turn give me information I need or am interested in knowing. I have several "clearances" to connect to very high vibrational Beings whether known to humanity like the Christ or Buddha to Masters that have not incarnated on earth. 

Because I have not been trained by physical teachers, the way I work is not patterned like a typical medium or psychic session where you sit there in the session, and I give you small clues of information that you have to guess what it means.  The information that comes through me is specifically for you and your unique energetic pattern, personality, character and vibrational resonance. It is also complete with how, who and when it happened and why it played out the way it did. I give you psychological profiles of people around you so you can better understand them and see the whole picture as opposed to only your perspective. 

     In collaboration with your own Spiritual team, we find the answers you need to help you live a fulfilled and better understood life. It is important for us that you understand and feel relieved when you know the back story about your life and why YOU planned it the way you did. 

     I have sat with hundreds of clients over my lifetime and because of the high-level training I receive from my Spiritual Teachers, I use a variety of techniques to bring you the highest and deepest truths that align with your life's purpose and goals. 

During my readings, I tap into your past lives, parallel lives, loves ones, your Guides, ancestors, and speak to your soul to answer your questions. I do this to bring you understanding of your life situations, give you insight into your relationships and provide you with direction and guidance with your everyday concerns and challenges. Because your "past" lives are a crucial part of who you are today, it's important that I see the eternal you and not just the limited personality of this lifetime. 

     Our sessions may seem conversational, or you may feel like you are sitting with a therapist to find your deepest truths. Either way, you are sitting with your Spiritual team who channels information through me, and they utilize my extensive counseling experience to communicate their messages to you. 

     Our Spiritual teams will never tell you what to do as you always have free will to choose your life. They love you deeply and respect you. They know who you are better than you know yourself and understand that you are here on earth to learn about who you are and who you are not through life's varied experiences based on choices you have made. 

To your Spiritual team, you are perfect and can do no wrong in their eyes, for they know that everything is a learning opportunity for you to grow in ways that will benefit your Soul journey. Therefore, in their eyes there is no evil, bad or negative, these are human connotations and definitions we have created. All they see is how well you learned and have grown from all your experiences and most of all, did you learn to love yourself and appreciate the beautiful, courageous and spectacular being that you are? 

     Our meeting is a collaboration to find answers based on your needs by giving you insights into what is underneath the obvious. It is not to waste time on information you already know, but I do give you evidentiary information to ensure we are connected to the right person or situation if you are seeking to connect to someone you know.   Together, we seek and find answers that will liberate you from doubt and fear, so you emerge from our session with a broader understanding of your circumstances and wisdom to make better choices that are in alignment with your Soul's purpose. 

     Because you are in charge and responsible for you own life, it is important that you arrive to our session prepared with thoughtful and meaningful questions about your situations. Questions will also show that you are interested and in control of your own desire to know the truth and therefore you will receive the answers to your questions. Spirit will never give you information you are not ready to receive as they know your sensitivities, but they also know your inner strengths. 

     I am here to support your mission; YOU ARE THE MISSION!




I look forward o meeting with you! Schedule your appointment online at


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