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What is Hope?

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

Conversation with my Divine Spiritual Guidance 10/10/2017

"Hope is the longing of the heart behind the veil of fear of the unknown." The Collective Allegiance to Raise Human Consciousness and Understanding.

What is hope?

This is the human heart speaking; the soul expresses itself through the heart, it knows that there is another moment, that there is a greater reason for your life; This is why longing is felt within the heart center.

Hope is remembering that life continues despite the current circumstances. Hope is remembering that you can begin anew, that you can create a new future within the scope of lessons learned and experience had. Hope reminds you that nothing in life as you see it- is permanent or lasts forever.

Hope reminds you that change has to occur in order for your beautiful life to unfold and your soul can continue to express itself.

Hope is here to tell you: there is another moment after this terrible moment and you can create something beautiful and joyous in the next moment. Hope pushes you forward to the next moment, and the next and so on and so forth!

You see my beautiful friends, hope says you can move forward, it’s best that you do and it is ok, YOU will be ok! And as you move forward, you give others hope too. You give them courage and vision so they too can move ahead and create their next moment in their precious life.

What happens when a person perceives that there is no hope?

When there is no hope in the human mind, one becomes suspended in time, in the moment one lost hope. Some people suspend their whole life in a moment, yet others suspend fragments of themselves in single moments-creating a fragmented self that goes through life incomplete and longing for something greater, something more.

Hope frees you from the confines of the past and gently and lovingly shows you a future, lets you know that you are not done yet…

Hope has saved the human race from extinction, from complete destruction of themselves. Hope saves families, hope saves lives.

So, live your life hoping, creating and manifesting every moment of your life. Create your next moment with joy and anticipation, but also enjoy every moment in the here and now, every experience in your life, because one gives life to the other; Experience gives life to hope and your soul knows the way!

Live, love, grow and give back to others.

Lovingly delivered by The Collective Allegiance to Raise Human Consciousness and Understanding: A Collective of Divine Spiritual Masters and Teachers from the realm of Spirit who work closely and intimately with Imelda Brewer who serves as a channel.

Note: Imelda asks the questions and the Collective answers the question.

Imelda Brewer © 2018

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