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What Amazing Message Do You Have For Us Today? How to live your destiny.

Updated: Jan 2, 2023

Messages from Spiritual Guides, a channeled message by Imelda Brewer.

Today is a day of mobility and desire to complete what has not been completed thus far. There are areas of your life that require attention and focus. In an effort to move forward beyond this reality of illusion and compromise, you must have a desire to fulfill your own destiny. Your destiny is what you create for yourself in harmony with your soul.

You utilize so much energy moving from here to there and everywhere without really acknowledging that your desires contradict your movements in your life. Pay attention and you will see what we are referring to my dear ones. Be one with your soul and you will harmonize beautifully with your souls' purpose.

Instead of running around trying to stay busy in your life, keep notice of how you truly spend your time before you make commitments. Pay attention to how these activities benefit your heart and your peace of mind. If these activities that keep you so busy do not bring harmony and peace to your life, then simply change them to fit your hearts desire.

Your children are learning to stay busy as well. Activity here and there to keep their bodies and minds busy does not equate to keeping their hearts in harmony with their souls. This is what will save their minds and souls from despair down the line when they too become adults.

What to do different your ask??? Change your ways to peaceful endeavors that promote harmony and peace in your mind and body. Is it necessary that your run at 100 miles an hour? More is learned from the soul in 1 minute of contemplation than in a lifetime of movement that leads to despair and desperation to survive.

Spend time meditating and bringing your energy back to yourself, back to your heart center where the soul transmits information and wisdom.

Be conscious of your breathing, the breaths you take float through your veins to bring life into your body and it reminds the soul that you are still interested in living. That you are still interested in thriving along your journey. Breath to remind yourself that you chose this lifetime to thrive and not just to survive and live a life of despair and confusion.

You came here to thrive and continue your spiritual growth in an environment that is more accepting and forgiving than before. Take advantage of this opportunity you all have created as a unified consciousness. Together you will move forward in developing higher levels of consciousness as your brothers and sisters did before you in other galaxies. You my dear ones will also succeed!

Thank you!

Lovingly delivered by The Collective Allegiance to Raise Human Consciousness and Understanding: A Collective of Divine Spiritual Masters and Teachers from the realm of Spirit who work closely and intimately with Imelda Brewer who serves as a channel.

Note: Imelda asks the questions and the Collective answers the question.

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