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Collective Fear By Gina Rabbin

There is a massive amount of uncertainty in the world today. Uncertainty about health, uncertainty about finances, uncertainty about the future. This uncertainty has created a web of fear that runs through the collective, winding through us, binding us, and yet separating us at the same time.

We're being told to "socially distance" ourselves from others, which is challenging because humans are sociable by nature. And while many are finding creative ways to stay in touch, the lack of human contact has created an imbalance within us. We're caught in a collective fear that just seems to be taking us deeper into the darkness of doubt and confusion and disorientation.

What can we do to regain our balance, find our center, and reconnect with our inner light? As always, I turn to the tarot for answers.Sometimes only 1 card is needed to show us the way, and I've pulled the 9 of Swords, reversed.

The first thing I notice is the reversal; this means the energy of this card is internal. And the 9 of Swords itself represents our own fears, the ones that wake us up in the early hours of the morning caught in a story of our own creation.So, what is this card telling us? That all our fears about what's happening in the world today, and our doubts and confusion about the future, is a created story that we can change.

We can't change what's happening around us; it will need to run its course before normalcyreturns. We can change how we react to these events. We have a choice: either continue to concoct a story of fear and doubt, or rewrite the story to create new ways to take control of our lives and move forward. By changing our own story, we can our shift our energy and ultimately the web running through us all. The power is within us. How will you use your power to change your story?

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Mara H
Mara H
Sep 22, 2021

This iis great


Cami Brubaker
Cami Brubaker
Sep 18, 2020

Thank you Gina for your enlightening insight and wisdom! You're a breath of fresh air in all the smoke and mirrors.

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