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Prayer for transitioning souls

Updated: Apr 3, 2022

Use the following action prayer to transition people who have died, but are clinging on to earthly emotions and attachments that prevent them from going into the light of Love (Heaven).

It is not up to us to determine if anyone is worthy of returning to the light or Heaven, we are not judges or jury, we are Freedom Seekers and Light Bearers. We are representatives of love and align with love for ourselves and others, especially the lost and vulnerable in spirit.

State this action prayer with faith, knowing that your loving intentions are enough to summon the Angels of Transition to come to the rescue of the discarnate spirit. You are not alone, you have a team that supports your kind and loving efforts to be the Light Bearer for those who find themselves in the darkness of their mind.

Heavenly Father, Holy Mother God. I invite the angels of transition to show themselves to (name of deceased/Spirit present in this place) and show His/her the love that resides within them and the love they will unite with as they enter the white light of love (Heaven).

Angels of transition, show (name of deceased/Spirit present in this place) in a way that His/her understands, that His/her time on earth is over for now, that He/She lived His/her life fully according to His/her terms, that He/She has left the vestiges of the flesh behind as a memory of His/her existence on earth. The vestiges of the flesh are accompanied by the memories of those who loved His/Her, by the memory of those who knew His/Her, and by the memory that He/She keeps in His/her heart.

Show His/her that the light of love and acceptance is one. Show His/her that He/She is complete and perfect, and nothing is holding His/Her back. Show him/her that there is nothing more she can do without her body, and he/she is accepted into the heavens, not for what she did or didn’t do, but because it is his/her Divine right.

(name of deceased/Spirit present in this place) The angels are here to walk you through the portal of love and light where you will be accepted and healed. Trust these angels as you will feel the love, they have for you; be open to their loving energy.

You will feel their love and kindness in your own heart, this feeling tells you to trust their guidance. Although you still feel alive, your body is not longer able to support you because it has died. Your body returns to the earth, and your Spirit returns home to love. Love is who you truly are.

Once you cross the white light, you will meet your loved ones, you will see them again and a celebration of your return home will be held. Go in peace (name of deceased/Spirit present in this place), knowing that I (your name) as your guardian and representative on this side, is holding your hand so that you can cross into the loving light of God (Creator, Source, Infinite, All-That-Is). There is nothing His/Here for you anymore, your spirit life awaits.

Go in peace.

Note: In some cases, were you still feel the heavy emotional energy of the deceased after you attempt to release them into the light, you may have to tell them they are “dead”.

Copyright Imelda Brewer 2020

Lovingly written with the help of the Angels Of Transition by Imelda Brewer

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