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What can we do to energize ourselves when we feel stuck or stagnant?

Updated: May 3, 2020

Begin by acknowledging that you are stuck! That you feel stagnant and need to move your energy. Look around your life and identify areas that have not had growth, inspiration, activity or movement in a while. These are the areas that need your attention.

Second, identify what areas of your body feel stuck, heavy or stagnant. Move or strengthen those parts of your body through dance or exercise.

Movement jump starts your system by changing the chemical composition and moving energy throughout those areas that are stagnant.

Oftentimes, lack of exercise of the physical body begins to back up your other energetic bodies creating a backlog of suppressed energy that needs to move out into the ether.

This is why when you are looking to manifest a desire, you must create an action of execution to jump start the process.

Go out and walk, run, jump and dance to your body’s content.

Physical activity creates a movement of energy and fills the heart and soul with satisfaction too.

Also, ensure that movement and activity is not wasted on things that don’t yield visible or sentient results of some kind. For example, clean or decorate a room in your home so you can see a completed task. Organize a long-neglected goal like organizing a closet or the like. Doing and completing visible tasks confirms that the energy you used was for something creative and you can see and feel satisfaction.

This is how you begin to move from a place of stagnation to a place of actualization.

Lovingly delivered by The Collective Allegiance to Raise Human Consciousness and Understanding: A Collective of Divine Spiritual Masters and Teachers from the realm of Spirit who work closely and intimately with Imelda Brewer who serves as a channel.

Note: Imelda asks the questions and the Collective answers the question.

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