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Tell Me About the Cycle of Life and Death Here On Earth?

Channeled Message

When the Divine life force is cut from living physical beings, it begins its descend in to the lower worlds of existence. Essentially, there is no death, only a different existence in a different world.

Part goes up and part returns back to the earth.

The Essenes/Spirit/soul of the physical being is lifted to the heavens or upper worlds as you might know it.

The shell or physical form is returned to the earth to be transmuted; consumed and recycled back to other living beings on earth for food, water or in the form of minerals, plants and trees.

All of you are a part of the earth.

Why? Because your past incarnations, your past bodies have all returned to the earth. The flowers have absorbed your essence, just as you have absorbed the essence of those flowers that no longer bloom.

Everything on earth is recycled- nothing goes to waste unless it is man-made like bottles, then man is responsible for recycling these items so they do not pollute the earth.

What belongs to Mother Earth, Mother Earth disposes, uses and reuses. What belongs to man, man disposes, uses and re-uses. It is fair and balanced, at least it should be.

In coming full circle, life, death and rebirth, nothing is worthless or un-useful. There is no death, you must look at life, your existence from this perspective.

You already understand that your soul is eternal, but you must also understand how Mother Earth is involved in that eternal cycle of life. She works just like we work “above”, in the Heavens as you call them. She understands evolution and everything she “manages” understands this process.

Appreciate every flower, every tree, every rock, every insect and every animal, for they have had a long journey just like yourselves. They carry part of you, your humanity and existence here on earth. They carry memories too! This is why you can talk to nature and ask them questions about life, about creation and all of physical existence.

…To be continued

This is part of a longer conversation and will be continued in the next 11:11 edition.

Lovingly delivered by The Collective Allegiance to Raise Human Consciousness and Understanding: A Collective of Divine Spiritual Masters and Teachers from the realm of Spirit who work closely and intimately with Imelda Brewer who serves as a channel.  

Note: Imelda asks the questions and the Collective answers the question.

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