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Why empaths care about you

Being an Intuitive or Empath comes with many benefits, but like all things the duality of nature is to have equally light and dark qualities. Through my life, like many empaths, I have sometimes cared about others to a fault, to the degree of self harm even. This has been a life lesson I have had to learn and listen too.

Life isn't always sunshine and butterflies, even for the spiritual. Hard moments arise and it is through those moments we discover our best and highest selves. Helping ourselves and others through tough times and hardship comes naturally to empaths. We emotionally mature through other's experiences as well as our own and therefore can have a much more broad spectrum of life lessons to pull from even if we haven't had it first hand.

It is becoming increasingly difficult and taboo to actually "care" in our fast paced busy life, but we must care or else we will all still be sad, sick, and hurt. We can help each other in ways that cost us nothing. We can start by letting ourselves feel our feelings and express them with love. We can be forgiving and understanding to ourselves and others while we navigate through emotions and interactions.

Some empaths and sensitive people find themselves accidentally reclusive, while some step even more into the role of healer and make their life's work to help those who want to help themselves, instead of trying to help all their loved ones. Some go back and forth between being available to others and preferring to be alone, without understanding why cycles occur.

Through my life people close to me and even strangers have questioned why I care so deeply for things that do not directly impact me. I even spent many years hiding sensitivity and using activism to channel aggression to the point that it took years to shed the "angry vegan" label that had made it's way into my life.

Finally I found the answer to why I care, and it is so simple I can't believe how long I didn't see it. We are all connected. We all share this space and time and because of this I can feel when you are sad and it makes me sad. I can feel when you are not well, and it makes me feel not well. I can feel when you are hurt and it makes me hurt. I am not alone, I do not have this exclusive power, we are all in this together. I believe we can do better, together. It will take more empaths and sensitive people coming out of the closet and uniting under the idea that it is COOL to CARE!!!!

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