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What is an Intuitive reading?

Imelda Brewer

An Intuitive reading is a process of seeing into the past, present, future without using cards or any other physical tool. The depth, breadth and clarity of the reading is dependent on the individual receiving the reading and the Intuitive reader performing it.

The Intuitive reader taps into the energy of the Querier to access information stored in his/her energy field which stores all events, experiences, thoughts, relationships, health, etc from this life and past lives. Our aura or energy field does not lie or keep secrets, it is the store house of who we have been, who we are and who we will be! Since we are energetic, Divine beings, we are all connected to the Spiritual and human consciousness where all the records are kept.

During a reading, focus can be on anything from relationships, love, health, career, family, life path, soul journey, past lives, spiritual development, connection to Spiritual guides, ancestors and loved ones to name a few.

Healing happens during these readings at the mental, emotional, spiritual levels which usually translate into a feeling of well-being due to the understanding and knowing you receive from the loving answers to your messages.

To receive the best reading, one must enter the session with the mind set of a collaborator with the reader. It is a partnership between the two to obtain answers to questions and it helps to be open to the highest truth and information. If the Querier is doubtful, closed up, unsure about wanting to know the answers, or testing the reader, it will be difficult to obtain information that resonates with love and the highest truth.

When looking for an Intuitive reader, it is important that the Querier ask about the experience of the Reader and that there is a compatibility in energy between reader and client. A legitimate reader, will always have a compassionate, loving concern for you and will encourage you to tap into your own intuition to confirm what is being disclosed during the reading.

The best Intuitive readers will connect with their Angels, Light Beings, Spiritual Teachers/Guides to assist them in the reading, ensuring that only the Highest Truth comes forth for your Spiritual benefit.

It's best to prepare ahead of time with questions you are ready to hear the answers to and be open to engage in dialogue with the reader. It is not about the reader telling you what you already know to confirm her/his legitimacy, it is about receiving answers to your questions that coincide with your inner knowing.

My name is Imelda Brewer and I am a Psychic Medium and Spiritual healer. I come from a long line of Shamanic and Spiritual healers and mediums and am dedicated to helping you reach your spiritual goals.

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