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Featured card-Ace Cups and its many meanings

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” This proverb, or some form of it, has been attributed to many people over the years, from playwright Henrik Ibsen in the early 1900s to editor Tess Flanders in 1911. Whoever first said it, or the exact way in which the phrase was uttered, its meaning is still the same. One image can evoke a myriad of emotions, thoughts, and ideas.

We find the same beauty in tarot cards. One single card can tell a story all its own; in fact, it has many stories hidden within.

Take, for example, the Ace of Cups. Look at those beautiful images on the card ~ the dove of peace, the overflowing cup, the lotus flower, the hand offering you this gift. All these images combine to tell a story. What story do you see? Is this card validating for you that the cup of your life is, indeed, overflowing with abundance and peace? Perhaps you’re being reminded that all you desire in life is right in front of you, if you’ll only open your eyes...and your heart. Is this card mocking you, showing you all that you yearn for yet still remains just out of reach? Is the message for you a reminder of what you once had but lost, and a caution that if you don’t change your ways you risk loss again? And, if you’ve lost in the past, it may be that you’ve closed your heart out of fear and you’re being shown that everything you desire can only be attained by your willingness to receive the gift being given to you and risk hurt again.

How the story of the Ace of Cups unfolds in a reading will, of course, be determined by all the other cards that show up in the reading with it. As a reader, though, you will not be able to fully interpret the meaning of this card, convey its story, and pass on the message to your client if you aren’t able to understand all the different stories that are held within this single card. This holds true for every card in the tarot deck!

It can be daunting to think that you’ll have to uncover all the meanings of a single card in order to be the best messenger you can be. Don’t be discouraged! In future newsletters, I’ll be talking about different cards and sharing with you all the different meanings held within each. You also might enjoy taking one of my tarot classes and learning in a group setting with other students of these ancient and magical messengers. And don’t forget our weekly Tarot Practice meetings; stay tuned for more information on this new and exciting offering!

I wish you peace, abundance, and magical journeys!

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