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Candle work

Updated: May 3, 2020

Working with the power of candles Is part of our mystical nature and it’s in alignment with connecting to Mother Earth and Universal energy to bring us what we desire.

It is a sacred ceremony conducted within the realms of earth and Spirit, calling in the elements, Angel of love, Angel of illumination and Angel of clarity to participate in our rituals.

When we invite these partners to collaborate with us, we gather and use the energy required to clearly identify what we would like to accomplish in our ritual work and have the vision and focus to send the request out to the universe with enough Spiritual momentum to manifest what we ask.

Our intent is more powerful when we know “why” we are asking for what we want as opposed to only defining ”what“ we want. A clear understanding of our intention is essential in narrowing down our focus so that it’s has pin point accuracy as it goes out to the universe.

I invite you to take our candle magic classes at the Power of Three Center so you can learn how to work with the power of candles, our Earth and Spiritual partners to manifest your desires at all levels.

Imelda walks your through the essential elements needed to feel connected to your work and purpose and teaches you to create alliances with earth and Spiritual energies.

Imelda Brewer, BSW, MBA

Professional Psychic Medium, Energy Healer and Mystical Practitioner and educator.

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