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Abundance candle kit instructions

Abundance Candle Kit


Set your goals and intentions first as you prepare the abundance and prosperity altar. Place the candle in the middle of a salad sized plate or larger plate and layout the 8 grains around the candle, leaving room for the lemon. Cut the lemon in half and add clove to the pulp. Pour honey on top of the lemon.


The 8 sacred grains symbolize you will not go without the essentials in life. You will have material needs met like a job, food, clothing, and other material necessities that allow you the peace of mind to thrive in all areas of your life.

Lemon symbolizes that you are starting new and pure. You are cleansing the past and desiring a new beginning that is pure and you can shape any way you desire. Clove symbolizes love and protection of all that you hold dear and inserted into the lemon, symbolizes that you are making a loving commitment to all that you wish to manifest.

Honey Symbolizes the sweetness you desire from life that you are manifesting through this ritual.

Parchment paper to write all your desires.

Note: It is important that you set your goals and intensions before lighting the candle, writing them down on parchment paper helps keep focus on your intent throughout the ritual. Keep the parchment paper on the plate, folded in four. Always be grateful to the God/Goddess of your understanding for all you have and has already manifested in the spirit realm and is in motion to the physical realm.

Light another candle before the last one goes out and keep it lit. Don’t let the candle go out or you will have to start the ritual again. Change the lemon and clove each time as you light the new candle. Do not let the lemon rot on the on the plate.

Keep this ritual going until you see the end of a set goal or desire. It is best to keep in on the whole year. When you see the end of a goal and/ or desire, thank the universe for collaborating with you.

Always practice safety when a candle is lit. Its best to keep inside a bath tub, sink or inside an empty fish tank and away from flammable items.

Note: To discard glass, release the glass from the work you’ve done and state “I release you to become what you want”. Put in recycling bin. Or recycle on your own EX. Plant an herb in it.

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