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What is a Tarot Reading and How Does it Help You?

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

~Gina Rabbin, Tarot Reader, Author, Spirit channel, Tarot teacher

~Gina Rabbin, Tarot Reader, Author, Spirit channel, Tarot teacher

I’m often asked by curious prospective clients who have never experienced a reading before, “Just what is a tarot reading?” Too many people think of tarot as fortune telling; movies and television have painted a picture of bejeweled mysterious women sitting in small candle lit rooms weaving tales of despair and darkness, foretelling the future. While that may make for good drama, it couldn’t be further from the truth!

So what is a tarot reading all about? What does a tarot reader do? Why should you seek the services of a good, reputable reader? Good questions! A tarot reader uses tarot cards to tell the story of your life. “But I already know all about my life,” you may be thinking to yourself. Do you, though? If truth be told, most of us don’t. There is so much hidden beneath the surface; patterns and behaviors, fears and doubts, old stories and outdated beliefs, that keep us from living fully and boldly and overflowing with wonder and joy.

The tarot cards are a tool to uncover what is hidden, for that is the only way we can bring about change ~ by shining the light on that which lives in the shadows. The cards act as a portal to the “other side” where messages from your guides can be shared through the reader to you.

What kinds of message will you receive? Clarity and guidance can be provided in any area in your life where you feel stuck, confused, or uncertain, including relationships, career, spirituality, personal growth, and self awareness. The images on the cards will weave a story that reveals the mystical patterns of your life, and the messages you receive will help you to transform your life.

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