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What is the Secret to Success?

Updated: May 3, 2020

Elevate others to their greatness! Look at others the way you would want others to see you, in their greatness and their marvelous nature. Stay humble and true to yourself and your values. Be adaptable and flexible with your life and situations that arise. It is through these situations that you are either the lion or the mouse and you remain this characteristic for a long time. Stay true to your passions and live from what makes you happy. Be aware that everything you do, think, and say has repercussions and affects your future and those around you.

Use your talents and stretch them beyond what you think is possible. Just when you think you can't, know you can. Do those things that make you feel free to express yourself and brings you joy when you do them. Do what you love and love what you do, be and do everything that makes you happy, exuberant, expanded, and accomplished.

Allow yourself and give others the room to be organic in your behaviors and personalities. Creativity flows from being naturally led by your soul and spirit in its natural form. Have faith and trust in the higher levels of consciousness and the guidance you receive from above. It will never steer you wrong.

Lovingly delivered by The Collective Allegiance to Raise Human Consciousness and Understanding: A Collective of Divine Spiritual Masters and Teachers from the realm of Spirit who work closely and intimately with Imelda Brewer who serves as a channel. 

Note: Imelda asks the questions and the Collective answers the question.

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