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Glory of Love

The glory of goodness you feel in your hearts is directly related to the human/Spirit connection you all have to each other as Beings of the Highest order.

Doing good for others because you feel the desire to feel good within yourselves, brings joy, peace and satisfaction to your hearts.

There is no better feeling than to do good for the sake of serving your greater purpose.

When you align with universal love or the God energy of your understanding, you align with the highest peak of yourselves, the complete essence of who you are in all dimensional realities.

Love expands your energy to the far reaches of universal consciousness within all dimensional realities. Love permeates every cell, tissue, blood vessel, joint, bone and muscle, because you are love, the energy of LOVE. Your own DNA is comprised of love, not just the biological process that create your physical body and its mechanical operations.

When in Love, which is your natural state, you completely understand that you are connected. You understand that your physical bodies are the smallest parts of who you truly are, in relation to your Spirit and larger network of yourselves through the connection you have to others.

To walk the earth in your smaller selves (human body) is to shrink your greatness and magnificence into something as small as a grain of rice. Your physical self is the representation of your most basic, minute needs. Your body and its experiences serve as a reminder of who you are and who you are not and to what you must return to again, YOUR Great Spirit.

How do you connect to your natural state of LOVE? First, you must accept that you are Love and everything else that keeps you from feeling love is based on fear. Two opposites can work together only when there is balance. Fear serves to remind you that there is something greater within you, and it is not meant to keep you in a state of fear. It is meant to push you into discovery of your higher self so you can overcome the fear based patterns of the past embedded in your physical form.

Once you accept that you are LOVE, even if you think that you only have a little love in you, it's ok, because the universe knows you better than you know yourself.

Close your eyes and feel your heart, think about all the beauty around you and within you, Think about the loving moments in your life that have made you feel connected to their beauty.

Think of the moments you were grateful for the life you live and the people in it, even if it’s one moment you remember. Hold that moment in your heart, and ask the Spirit of Love to expand that energy in your heart. Then, ask that energy to fill your entire body, to replenish your cells with this healing and peaceful energy,

Take the time to allow this loving energy to fill you completely, don’t fight the process by interrupting it with your doubts. Let yourself surrender to the euphoric feeling of love.

Once you are in this euphoric state, in completeness and oneness, open your eyes and look around. Take in your environment, breath it in. Be an observer as if seeing for the first time through the eyes of love.

Connect to yourself, by looking at your hands, maybe look in the mirror and admire your magnificent self. Examine the perfection of your skin, your eyes, your face. Notice how your skin keeps you together, how your breath keeps air in your lungs. Pay attention to the wonder that you are, how far you have made it in your life. Be grateful to yourself for being so brave and choosing to bypass fear and consciously connect to the energy of Love.

Practice this on a daily basis. You will find that you will begin to heal your emotional hurts and physical ills. You will see that as you become more connected to your natural state of being, you will become alighted with your Higher Self center, the part of you that has the blueprint for your life and purpose.

Love is the connective tissue of everything in Creation. If you want to feel whole, you must understand that you are part of the whole and not separate from it. You are needed, you are valued and you are perfect.

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