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Inner messages

One of the greatest challenges we have in our intuitive development is to trust and have faith in our inner knowledge.

Think of your intuition as a compass, a GPS that gently guides you by giving you prompts and nudges about what is coming your way. It’s a small voice inside of you that initially comes in so quick that you might miss it’s message. But if you stop to listen and ACT on it’s message, you will begin to hear it louder and louder.

The messages may be as simple as “Turn off the lights” as you leave a room. Or “put gas” as you drive pass a gas station, Or “call Lucy” a friend who pops into your mind.

Listening to messages like this all of the time unites you to the universal message system. The universal message system puts you in the “know” of events, activities, upcoming incidents, needs of humanity, your needs, inventions, inspiration, hidden and mystical knowledge.

When one has access to universal knowledge, you grow in understanding of how and why things work the way they do. One is no longer ignorant, blind or deaf and you feel a part of the universe. You feel important, accepted and loved. You become ONE with the universal movements and frequencies. You take your place in the grand plan!

I invite you to spend your day listening to the little voice inside of you. As you listen and take action, you will find that synchronicities begin to happen more and more each day. These synchronicities, if you pay attention, will get you more of what you desire and makes you happy.

Life will be easier and less hurried. You will feel connected to a larger aspect of you, feel guided and loved.

How do you begin? Begin now. Listen to your inner voice, what is it saying about this moment?

Imelda Brewer, BSW, MBA, Psychic Medium, Spiritual development teacher and Mystical practitioner.

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