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One of the most repeated statement i hear from people who are trying to develop their psychic and mediumship abilities is “ I don’t trust myself”. Usually a after that statement is “where does the information come from?” Who told me this?” how do I know?”

Those are great questions and they should be asked, however, when you are doubting yourself, even if you received an answer to the above quesitons, you wouldn’t believe it because then you would question, “Did I hear that?” ‘Is that my mind?” Was that me or someone else?” “Did I make that up?”, the list of doubtful questions can go on and on.

The act of questioning when you ARE receiving messages is productive but when you don’t listen for the answer and these questions become redundant, you cut off the flow of energy with your doubt.

So, if you notice here just in the two statements above, It looks like a loop of questions doesn’t it? Unfortunately, because the foundation of all you receive lies in trust in yourself, you will go on and on never really getting anywhere with your psychic or mediumship skills.

You are the the channel, the conduit from which the universe communicates through, information doesn’t hit you in the head and then fall to the ground and you pick it up and then tell the world, “look what hit me in the head!” it doesn’t work that way. Information comes in THROUGH YOU and you in turn translate it to the world.

You are the channel, the conduit, the receiver and the interpreter of all information that comes in through your psychic senses. The feeling of knowing something is real. The voices you hear are messages and other people’s thoughts transmitting through the universal grid of communication. The scenes and people you see are real, you are seeing the multiple realities and universes that exist at the same time. The emotions you feel are real, they may not be you. You are picking up the emotional impulses emanating from other people as they go along their day experiencing their life. Some of these emotions are not from just people, everything in Source‘s or God’s Creation has an expression and you are lucky enough to feel it.

If you only feel the negative emotions, then you are tuned in with the lower energies yourself, through the law of vibration and attraction, you are bringing forth only those energies that match your own. Think about this, this doesn’t make you a victim because you are an empath, it makes you powerful because you can feel. This ability also lets you know when you are hovering too low in your own thoughts, emotions and actions that creates a lower vibration and therefore attracts the lower energies to you. All you have to do is change your thoughts and emotions to more positive ideas of the world and yourself and you will not longer be a conduit for the lower energies that make you feel heavy and burdened.

As empaths, we are very lucky to be able to feel the world and get immediate feedback about our own vibration. We serve as a reflection to the world of energy that guides us so we know where we are in relation to other frequencies and we can raise our own vibration by lifting our thoughts, emotions and actions to positive, uplifting and creative frequencies.

Trust that you are in control and nothing can enter your energy field that is not already in there. So, if you do not like how you feel, change it. But you must trust in yourself and feel empowered that nothing, absolutely nothing can enter you if it doesn’t share the same frequency as you.

Trust that you are a couduit and that you are not crazy, but you are also not special, so don’t let your ego take you places where the lower vibrations reside. Every human has psychic abilities and we use them every day to make decisions, have relationships and generally create our life. So, don’t think you are the only one with skills, you may be the only one in your family who is aware of these skills though! Hence why you stand out in your family!

So, take yourself seriously and know that you are always in control of what you receive and how you interpret what you receive. Trust in your abilities, grow and evolve from them, that’s why you are here on earth. From this growth and evolution you will be called to serve humanity.

See you in classes!

Imelda Brewer, BSW, MBA,

Psychic Medium, Spiritual Development teacher and Mystical practitioner

Kirsten Fuentes
Mina Carrie
Mo Flores
Mina Carrie
Mina Carrie
Oct 03, 2020

Thank you so much for sharing wonderful light to the need to trust ourselves! ❤️ Before I finally understood what’s going on, there was definitely a time that I felt crazy, panic and lost thus attracting the wrong vibration to my life. Learning about being empath was a good step towards more. Once I truly accepted and acknowledged there is the knowledge and wisdom of the universe helping me, my life is definitely going towards a better path. Thank you for all your teachings and inspiration~ I can’t wait to learn and do more to help.



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