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Listening to your Intuition

Every moment of the day we are given prompts by our intuition to do something little. These are little reminders or prompts that activate your inner listening skills and awareness.

For example. You might be prompted to call someone, or to stop by the grocery store, put gas when your tank is low, or say something to someone you are talking with.

These are little prompts from your Higher Self that help you on your way. You can also consider it a preparation for what’s coming later that day or that week. Our Higher Self is not loud, it’s subtle and it’s always speaking to us in gentle messages That helps us through our day.

I encourage you to listen to these little prompts from your Higher Self. Practice listening and ACTING on the message. The messages will never make you do something that is negative for you, but will help you avoid negative consequences, such as running out of gas or being late to an important appointment because you had to stop and put gas.

Spend this week listening to your Intuition everyday and act on the message. This will require listening and talking less. Listen to the signs and symbols around you too. You don’t have to know what those symbols and signs mean, all that is required is awareness that you see them. Pay Attention to your body as you feel what “becoming aware” feels like. This is important sensory awareness that will help you on the next step, discernment Of messages. Please let us know how you do this week on the discussion thread here. Happy listening!

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