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Imelda Brewer, BSW, MBA

Psychic Medium, Metaphysical Practitioner/ Instructor and Spiritual Psychologist

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Diana Sandoval, A.S

Store Manager and everything coordinator


Gabriel Valadez B.S

Customer Service and Center Coordinator


Benji Brewer

Metaphysical dog and customer greeter

Imelda Brewer BSW, MBA

Psychic medium, Energy Healer, Mystical practitioner and Spiritual Development teacher

I am a multi-generational professional psychic medium, energy healer and spiritual development teacher. I use my psychic and mediumship abilities to connect to the Higher levels of consciousness. All of my clairs are developed which means I see, hear, smell, sense, know  and taste subtle or Spiritual energy to receive information. 

I also work with my Spiritual team "The collective allegiance to raise human consciousness and understanding," which is a group of Highly developed Spiritual Master teachers and Guides who train and assist me in my life's work.

I have sat with hundreds of clients and because of the high level training I receive from my Spiritual Teachers, I use a variety of techniques to bring you the highest and deepest truths that align with your life's purpose and goals. 

During my readings, I tap in to your past lives, loves ones, your Guides, ancestors, and speak to your soul to answer your questions. I do this to bring you understanding of your situations, give you insight into your relationships and provide you with direction and guidance with your everyday concerns and challenges. Because your "past" lives are a crucial part of who you are today, its important that I see the eternal you and not just the limited personality of this lifetime. 

Our meeting is a collaboration to find answers based on your needs by me giving you insights into what is underneath the obvious. It is not to waste time on information you already know.  Together, we seek and find answers that will liberate you from doubt and fear so you emerge with a broader understanding of your circumstances and wisdom to make better choices that are in alignment with your Soul's purpose. 

I am here to support your mission, and YOU ARE THE MISSION!


Power of Three Intutive Counselor

Diana is an intuitive counselor at Power of Three Center. She is here to assist you with any questions you may have regarding services, classes, and products offered at our center. 

Gina Rabbin

Professional Tarot reader and soul coach

Gina, a life-long psychic/intuitive, has been an Intuitive Tarot Consultant since 1987. She is the author of Intuitive Tarot: Finding Your Inner Voice, a workbook based on the series of tarot classes she has taught for many years. She is also a Reiki Master/Teacher and Conscious Integrative Channel, connecting to the guides, angels, masters, and ascended ones who have messages of guidance, clarity, and healing for her clients.

As a self-styled Catalyst For Clarity, Gina addresses the questions almost everyone has about life purpose, relationships, business, and spiritual growth. She not only assists to uncover blocks and old patterns, but gives her clients the necessary tools to make consciously meaningful choices to bring about desired changes.

Gina’s passion is for helping others find health and personal freedom in all aspects of their lives. For more than three decades, she’s been a guide for those seeking to move beyond limitation and lack into expansion and abundance, whether physical, mental, emotional, and/or spiritual. Her desire is to help you create health, wellness, and abundance in your life on all levels.


Benji Brewer

Benji works at the store and helps relax and sooth your soul when you walk in. He is our animal healer and sometimes brings his kids; Cinnamon and Patches to help.

Crystal DeSilva

Intro to Astrology

Astrology I Tarot I Clairvoyant

Crystal is an Astrologer and Certified Fitness Instructor. She believes that the Body, Mind, & Spirit = Ice, Water, & Air. Basically thing the same, just in different a form. The body is the anchor for the spirit. How we treat our bodies directly affects our behavior, spirit, and lives. Natal charts are the algorithm for each individual's spirit. Using health & fitness, guided by Astrology will allow one to break blockages, regain control, find balance, and true fulfillment. A reading will Crystal will allow you to reconnect with your genuine self, understand the situations/events in your life, and teach you tools for Spiritual awakening.

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