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Spiritual Healings/Surgeries

Healings are used to improve the overall well-being of the individual.

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 385 US dollars
  • East 16th Street

Service Description

Spiritual healing and surgeries are a Shamanic process of clearing the energetic and physical bodies at various levels to achieve balance and health at the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual levels. During this healing, Imelda gently enters your energy field and looks for past life energetic patterns and ancestral cords to find disharmonies and oppositional energies that interfere in your overall well-being. Past lives and parallel lives are integrated into your energy field and therefore reveal past traumas, toxic patterns, lessons learned, opportunities for growth and other important data that might or might not be of benefit to your current life. Imelda also checks for intrusive energies, holes, cracks, cords, and any issues that are affecting your mental, emotional and physical bodies that are causing issues and problems in your life. Imelda will explain findings discovered in your energy field and help you process them out through methods suited for each particular issue. The therapy methods used during a session can be talk therapy, crystals, sound, smoke, and other astral methods given to her by your ancestors and Spirit Guides. Because you are unique, there is not one standard method used, the Spiritual doctors will ensure that what needs to be removed, is removed and what needs to remain to process, will remain. Each session is different and unique to the individual. Music tones, aromatherapy, crystals, smoke, dialogue, four element energies, and spiritual surgery are ways to remove disharmonies from your energy field and there are methods to integrate and unify your energy bodies as well. You will feel lighter, more relaxed and your Spirit and body will be united to work as one integrated, balanced and harmonious unit. Results continue to reveal over time as you move through your life with a positive and loving attitude. Have your concerns written down ahead of the session so you may discuss them with her. Your participation and desire to heal will play a crucial role in the healing. Have faith in your body, mind, Soul consciousness to know what is needed and what is not so that you are able to accept the healing and let go of any doubts. You may record the session so you may play it back at a later time. Everything you say is private and will remain between you, Imelda and those Spiritual healers that participate in your session. Please book 72 hrs. (3 days) in advance. Various sessions may be needed at a discount.

Contact Details

  • 1125 E 16th St #A8, Upland, CA 91784, USA

    + 1 9099210332

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