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20 Minute Child Counseling Session

For children ages 5-15 (No Charge)

  • 20 min
  • Buffington St

Service Description

This is a free 20 minute session for children who are having psychic experiences that create disharmony and confusion in the life of the family. She offers guidance and direction about the child's abilities by determining if what is happening with your child is psychic phenomena or if referrals need to be made to other professionals. If you child is experiencing psychic phenomena, this is a wonderful ability that needs to be developed and nourished so your child can become the person he or she came to the world to be. Psychic abilities are usually found in children under 5 years old and are completely normal. But when these abilities are infused with fear and ignorance, they will make your child feel like there is something wrong with them as a person. This is not the case at all, your child doesn't have anything wrong with them, or a negative entity is not trying to take over them, your child can simply sense extrasensory information that "regular" humans take for granted. It is like having a super power, an ability that is natural for a human, but has been optimized through your child. Sessions with Imelda will help you the parent and the child better understand how to manage these types of abilities so that your child can live with them and utilize these abilities to make better decisions about their life, and also help the family be a better version of what they are now. Your child was born to you because you agreed to support your child at all levels, including in the areas you may not yet understand. Please book these free sessions if your child is experiencing the following: 1. Your child has "imaginary" friends. 2. Your child speaks to people who have died. 3. Your child sees Spirits or "ghosts' that scare them. 4. Your child is distracted easily. 5. Your child is hyperactive and distractive. 6. Your child says things that he or she otherwise shouldn't have known. 7. Your child feels energies and is very sensitive to other people's feelings. 8. Your child talks to people you cannot see. These sessions are held every other week for each child for 20- 30 minutes. The first session is usually about 30 minutes to assess the child. Imelda's goal and mission is to preserve the integrity of the child's psychic abilities so that they can manage through their daily life and they can learn to use and control them to suit their personality and life path and prevent medicating them. Her goal is NOT to suppress these gifts.

Contact Details

  • 386 West Buffington Street, Upland, CA, USA


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