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Smudging Turkey "Eagle" Feather (black and white)

  • Smudging Turkey "Eagle" Feather: Varies in size 9 ¾ inches – 12 inches.  Turkey feather is dyed to resemble an eagle feather.  

    Note: This is not an Eagle feather, it's stained to simulate the energy of the Eagle.

    One Feather is intuitively picked by our staff and shipped to you directly.

    Smudging Feather

    • Traditionally used in energetic cleansing when burning sage to help direct the smoke
    • Aids in moving the energy from the energetic body
    • The feather represents the spirit of the bird which has the ability to fly closest to the higher realms
    • Representation of the animal kingdom and Mother Earth
    • Feather also serves as an extension of your intentions and hand/arm to direct the smoke as it carries your intentions for clearing and blessings.


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