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Elevate your energy and ignite a powerful flame within you with our Sacral Orange 14-Day glass candle. This candle is designed to tap into the vibrant energy of the sacral chakra, promoting success, enthusiasm, and motivation in all areas of your life. Infused with the essence of pleasure and vitality, this candle harnesses the power of the sacral chakra to awaken your creative expression and bring a renewed sense of vigor and passion. Whether you're looking to enhance your relationships, creativity, or overall well-being, this candle will help you embrace your personal power and achieve a greater sense of vitality. Light up the Sacral Orange 14-Day glass candle and let the warm, orange glow fill your space with the energy of empowerment and inspiration.

Sacral Orange 14-Day glass candle

SKU: 560-10
  • Sacral Orange

    • Power
    • Success
    • Enthusiasm
    • Motivation
    • Pleasure
    • Vitality
    • Chakras: Sacral
    • Inner diameter of candle 3 1/4 inches wide
    • 9 inches tall 
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