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*Rose Quartz pocket / wallet crystal varies in size approximately 3/4" - 1"


Rose Quartz Pocket / Wallet Crystal

SKU: 14785
  • This flat shaped crystal fits perfectly in your pocket, wallet, or under clothing leaving a smooth appearance.  

    One Crystal is intuitively picked by our staff and shipped to you directly. 

    • Encourages self-love, love for others, forgiveness, empathy, compassion, understanding and nurturing.
    •  Associated with feminine energy, friendships and reconciliation in relationships.
    • Brings peace, calm and serenity to the heart.
    • Heals emotional traumas and soothes emotions.
    • Fertility and mother energy crystal.
    • Aligns with all chakras but specifically with the heart chakra. Loving message: All will be well when you allow love into your heart.
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