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"The sword and shield of protection"


The Negativity Banishing Spray is the choice spray to cut away negativity and darkness that attaches itself to your energy field and energy centers (chakras).  This amazing spray leaves you feeling light and raises your vibration, so you feel strong and less prone to psychic attacks.

How does it work?

Its natural ingredients cut away intrusive energies from your energy field and chakras; therefore, allowing your own energy field to recover and your body to experience a lightness and peace.  After using this spray you will feel strong and in control again.

If you experience the following: Depression, sadness, fear, heaviness, headaches, nightmares, illness with no physical explanation, you become emotional, angry, upset or short-tempered, etc. you may be dealing with negative energies attached to you.  You and your home may be affected in the form of the following:
Psychic attacks, Psychic vampires, Spirit attachments, negative emotional fragments from others, illness fragments from others, environmental stressors, etc.

This spray can also be used to energetically cleanse crystals and stones, personal space and pets.  Use to lift the energetic vibration of anyone or any space.

You are always in control of your energy field and what enters into it.  You have the right and power to banish anything that causes you harm.  Nothing can hurt you without your permission. Be fearless! 

Directions: Spray in hands and sweep your etheric body (2 to 4 inches above physical body) beginning at top of your head, down to shoulders, heart, belly, arms, hands, lower abdomen, legs, and feet to remove negativity.  Flammable Keep away from fire!!

Negativity Banishing Spray 4oz

SKU: AlcoBan
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