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Powerful amulet carried to manifest love.



An amulet is carried/worn because you believe it will bring you good luck and protect you against evil, injury, danger, and negative energy.   Source:


A talisman is an abject which you believe has magic powers to protect you or bring you luck.  Source:  


Directions: Carry this amulet on your person, in your purse, in your car, in your backpack, etc.  


Amulet contains: 

Hamsa hand:  Protection, abundance, fertility, luck, good health, and joy

Pink stone: Encourages self-love-love for others, forgiveness, compassion, empathy, understanding and nurturing

White stone: Self-discovery, intuition, insight, gain higher perspective on meaning and purpose

Clear stone: amplification of one's intention, healing, clearing

Blue stone: helps to amplify your voice, harness inner strength, confidence 

Purple stone: Promotes love of the divine, transmutes negative energies in the environment to love

Gold/Brown stone: grounding stone, balances lower chakras, vitality, strength

*Stones will vary in color but they all have the energy of love.  

Love Amulet

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