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Illuminate your space with the gentle and soothing glow of our Celestial White 14-Day glass candle. Made with the purest white wax, this candle is designed to create an atmosphere of purity and angelic connection. Light it to bring peace, commune with your higher self, and invite healing energy into your space. The celestial white color is associated with the Crown chakra, helping to align and balance this energy center for a deeper spiritual connection. Whether you're looking to enhance your meditation practice or simply create a serene ambiance, this 14-day candle is the perfect addition to your spiritual toolkit.

Celestial White 14-Day glass candle

SKU: 560-03
  • Celestial White Candle

    • Purity
    • Angelic connection
    • Peace
    • Higher Self Communion
    • Healing
    • Chakras: Crown
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