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*Bloodstone Crystal varies in size approximately 1/2"-1".

Note: Due to its natural composition each stone is different.


*Selenite bowl not included. Click here: seleniteheartbowl

Bloodstone Tumbled Crystal

  • One Crystal is intuitively picked by our staff and shipped to you directly.

  • •Stone of the Spiritual Warrior! Brings strength to the heart to inspire courage.
    •Purifier, dispels negative energies from auric field
    •Brings wholeness and balance to auric field
    •Strengthens the root chakra 
    to feel zest for living 
    •Offers support and courage during times of adversity.
    •Good for all types of blood ailments, balancing for menopause and assist in healing urinary track infections.
    •Element: Earth
    •Chakras: Root

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