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Illuminate your sacred space with this beautiful 6-inch green Altar Candle. The color green is traditionally associated with abundance, good fortune, and generosity, making it the perfect addition to your altar for manifestation and prosperity rituals. The green candle also symbolizes harmony, renewal, and the healing energy of nature, making it ideal for meditation and connecting with the earth. It is also a powerful tool for ancestral work and aligning the Heart chakra. Add this green Altar Candle to your spiritual toolkit and invite the energy of growth and balance into your rituals and daily practice.

Altar Candle (green)

SKU: 0040-04
  • Altar Candle (green):  measures 6 inches

    • Abundance
    • Good Fortune
    • Generosity
    • Harmony
    • Nature
    • Renewal
    • Ancestral work
    • Chakras: Heart
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