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Imelda's Book Recommendations


      I've been an avid reader since childhood and over the years, particularly as an adult, I have learned to value reading even more. 

      I read every day, throughout the day, whether it is an Audible book, Kindle or a physical book, often all three. 

What I have discovered over the years, is that more and more authors are channeling information from the Higher planes and this information is necessary for human Spiritual evolution.

     We are no longer the oppressed, suppressed, and ignorant people of the past. We are no longer looking for answers from our religious organizations, we are looking within ourselves for answers to life's problems and challenges. We are seeking wisdom beyond our own mind to the Higher Planes were all universal knowledge and wisdom resides. 

      Fortunately, we have evolved enough so that our intuition is open and receptive to receiving wisdom from the Higher planes and our Higher Selves. Our Higher Self is the one directing our attention to books and the need to learn more about that which we cannot explain with science or .

We are feeling the calling from within and looking for signs outside of ourselves that signal we are on the right path. 

    Books have living energy and through this energy, we receive our answers and confirmation that we are or are not on the path of our calling. 

     This list I have compiled is for your benefit and reference. I have read all these books over the years and they each have made a change within me as they have served to give me answers and direction. 

   As you read through the titles, chose the one that most calls to you. Sometimes a book calls us, yet we are not ready to read it, it just needs to be in our possession for the moment and ready when you are ready to read it. 

    My suggestion when reading any book, is that you invite the energy of the author and your Higher Self to assist you in understanding the message that is for you. The reason I invite the author is because words are usually limiting in conveying their message, so by inviting their energy, you will receive a broader understanding of the message the author is trying to convey. 

     Since I have read hundreds of books, this list is not complete and I will constantly add my books as time allows. Keep checking back. If there is a book that has transformed you, please share it with us as well in the comments section. 

     Thank you for visiting our site and see you soon! 

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