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Tue, Jul 16


Power of Three Center

Full Moon Meditation

Come out and join us in luminous self healing under the healing light of the silvery full moon!

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Full Moon Meditation
Full Moon Meditation

Time & Location

Jul 16, 2019, 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Power of Three Center, 1125 E 16th St #A8, Upland, CA 91784, USA


About The Event

It is FULL MOON ECLIPSE SEASON!  We are participating in a special ECLIPSED Lunar Hour of Power ceremony this month so bring your mirror (or cell phone of selfie mode) and a piece of rose quartz (optional) to the meditation as these will be used during the meditation along with another special water element!  This month’s super charged Lunar Eclipsed Hour of power is occurring in alignment with the FIXED STAR PEACOCK at the south node in the sign of Capricorn on July 16th and the cosmos have been tugging at these polarizing parts of the collective consciousness connecting us all.  Most light workers are being challenged in their masculine and feminine integration at this time though some may not recognize that the challenges between work (masculine, patriarch of Capricorn, and the psychological animus) and the pull of the home sector (feminine, mother archetype of Cancer, and the psychological anima). 

The solar eclipse that occurred in the sign of Cancer at the start of the month shined a spotlight on our collective divine feminine core and what follows is this powerful Lunar Eclipse in which the patriarchal energy of Capricorn is released and let go in a powerful process of transmutation in light, awareness, and gentle release, as is out-pictured during the beautiful lunar eclipse imagery.   

This month’s solar eclipse/New Moon we were greeted with a Total Solar Eclipse. Although its beauty was only be seen from parts of South America, its effects will be felt throughout the world. Solar Eclipses always occur on New Moons, while Lunar Eclipses always occur on Full Moons. What makes them possible is the Moon’s proximity to the Lunar Nodes. The North and South Lunar Node exist where the Sun’s path and the Moon’s orbit intersect. They are energetic vortices full of magic and potential.  

Eclipses open up portals for us to step through and make exponential changes in our lives. Not only do we have the energy of a New or Full Moon to work with on this day, but we also have the energy of the Lunar Nodes. The North Node pulls the energy of society towards one direction. It, in many ways, is where we are headed as a collective. The North Node holds the lessons humanity is learning and integrating during a certain period of time. The North Node’s position in Cancer is pulling the frequency of the planet into understanding the power of femininity and nurturance. It is helping us integrate the foundations of self-care into our daily life, while inspiring us to embrace our intuition over our logical mind. The South Node is what we are leaving behind as a society, particularly the lower vibrations of the sign involved. It is what the collective is evolving away from and often represents vibrations we have already mastered as a society. Currently, the South Node is in Capricorn. This positioning inspires us to leave behind overly masculine principles. We are being asked to embrace a softer approach. Instead of forcing our way through with logic, the Universe is asking us to feel our way through life with intuition and inner knowledge.   Are you learning from your past? Are you finding lessons or are you harboring resentment? Are you able to find meaning in every part of your life including your pain?  

Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn and reminds us of our commitments to ourselves, time, and our karma. Saturn is also retrograde. Saturn Retrograde brings our karma to the surface so we may detach from it. Throughout Saturn Retrograde we often see situations repeat themselves and the past resurface, especially when we have a karmic attachment to it. With Saturn Retrograde joining forces with the Moon, South Node, and Pluto we see an opportunity for resolution. We have a chance to break free from our past and our attachments to step into a new light. All of this will require that we feel into our emotions, and become acutely aware of the source of our attachments. However, if we show up to face our shadows, we have a real opportunity to shift ourselves away from the past and into the future. We have an opportunity to align ourselves with our heart, and a chance to find the healing through understanding the deeper meaning of our lives. This resolution will only help to reaffirm our center and bring us closer to the core that is our self. Step back and see the overall cycle of your energy and ask yourself how that has made you who you are today. Then, fall in love with that person (you) and that (your) destiny.  

We will intend and mediate over some of the key concepts related to eclipse season and the greater Cancer-Capricorn lunar node polarity. Come out and join us in luminous self healing under the healing light of the silvery full moon!  We will create and recite powerful affirmations and maximize the healing potential of the somatic environment back dropped against the light of the healing moon!  



Mysti brings over 17 years of credentialed teaching experience along with a M.A. in Education to her practice as a Certified Metaphysical Practitioner who uses Spiritual Mind Counseling techniques along with her gifts of oration, writing, and poetry to provoke the potential of all souls in which she encounters. Mysti is currently a Ph.D candidate studying Transpersonal Counseling & Relationship Dynamics and she is serving to bring unconditional love and light to the students, families, and communities she serves.

You may cancel your class up to 24 hours before the class begins and request to receive a full refund. If you do not cancel prior to the 24 hours you will lose the payment for the class. Refunds are given in-store via cash or check.


  • Full Moon Meditation

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