Connecting to Divine Feminine:

Understanding your Sacral Chakra

Wednesday May 8

7:00-8:30 PM 

Cost: $25

Must RSVP to Attend

The sacral chakra is the center of the Divine Feminine. It is our pleasure center, the divine sweetness of life, our creative force, our power resides here.

It is responsible for movement, flow and pleasure. If your life lacks these things, it may be that your sacral chakra is blocked.

On the other hand, if your sacral chakra is too active, then you are probably a workaholic, dominant in relationships, greedy, obsessed with pleasure and/or addicted to all kinds of activities that you use as a substitute for love.

In this class we will learn what the Sacral Chakra is, how to keep it healthy, and how it is directly linked to the divine feminine. Be sure to bring a notebook to take notes.

Swadhisthana, the Sacral Chakra, is all about movement, flow, care, pleasure, sexuality, relationships, procreation. It represents the male and female valences of ourselves. It is about creating joy, happiness and loving relationships.

The energy of the sacral chakra stores desires, feelings and emotions. The society we live in does not encourage us to be ourselves, to live and express our emotions. So from a very early age, we have to repress our emotions and desires. We are told not to cry, not to express ourselves publicly and to be ashamed of our own sexuality. All this suppressed energy remains stuck in the second chakra and causes imbalances.

Also, the sacral chakra hides the so-called “shadow“ or our dark side. In other words, all those things that we do not like about ourselves. However, they can never be completely eliminated and may continue to manifest in our lives in one way or another. “The Shadow” usually manifests itself in the faulty relationships we have or in all kinds of circumstances that repeat themselves over and over again.

When we begin to work with our sacral chakra, we will have to deal with our suppressed emotions and feelings of guilt and shame. We will also have to face and accept our flaws and understand that they also contribute to who we really are and actually help us to be a whole. It is only when we reach this understanding we will find relief.

In this class you learn how to tell if your sacral chakra is blocked, excessively open or just vibing slow. You will also learn different ways to work with your sacral chakra to clear and cleanse the negative energies that impact living your life full out.



Kellee Michele