Happy New You: Release What No Longer Serves You!

Saturday December 15, 2018

11:00-1:30 PM

Cost: $55

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As 2018 comes to a close would you like to clear stuck energy and release what no longer serves you, in mind, body and soul? Good! Then this workshop is for you!!
This workshop will focus on our Manipura, the Solar Plexus. I will take you on a transformational journey giving you the opportunity to burn off old perceptions, beliefs, and energies just in time for the new year! You will dance and release what no longer serves you thru the rapid fires of transformation coming from this energy center of your body.
We will begin with a short meditation, followed by a warm up and moving meditation to experience all seven chakras. Next we will open the solar plexus chakra with a meditation then move straight into the dance of the solar plexus. At the end of the dance you will be able to document your experience thru mandala artwork.
There is no dance experience required, this is a moderate aerobic activity. You move at your own pace.


Past Participant Review 

I loved this workshop!! After taking it I found sticking up for myself easier. I noticed it most at work, when my boss made me feel guilty for not staying longer at work (I am salaried, I do not get overtime per say) I had the confidence to say no, and stand my ground. Not sure how he took it, but I felt empowered!
Carol Anderson


Kellee Michele