Reiki I Certification

Saturday April 6

12:00-5:00 PM

Cost: $250

Must REGISTER to Attend

Reiki is a healing energy technique that Reiki practitioners use to heal on the oneself and other at the mental, physical and spiritual level. It assists in one achieving a balance of energy with the body and to assist in promoting overall health and well-being. An added benefit of learning Reiki is often times increased intuition and mediumship abilities.



  • Learn what Reiki is, how it is used and what it feels like

  • Learn the History of Reiki

  • Be taught how to conduct a Reiki healing session

  • Be attuned to 1 Reiki symbol

  • Receive a Reiki Guide

  • Practice using your Reiki

  • Professionally prepared training material

  • Certificate of Completion verifying that student has completed Reiki I



Dana Hooker

 "Our goals are to enlighten the mind, support the
health of the body, and enhance the journey of the soul."