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*Please keep your email confirmation as proof of purchase. 

You may redeem this certificate anytime. Please book your appointment online at or by calling 909-921-0332. Readings can be done in-person, over the phone or via video calls.


Imelda uses her intuitive abilities and professional training to gain insight into the foundational problems causing disharmony in your life. Through her intuitive abilities she is able to see the energies surrounding you that may be causing blocks in your personal, family, professional and love life. Each session is unique to the individual and during this session you may ask any question related to your life path, love life, health, future, past lives, releasing blocked energy and past trauma, working through a current hardship, or help to activate your highest potential and life work. She is also able to help you with your personal development whether it’s your spiritual, personal or professional path, by unearthing the best and most beneficial options that help you grow and prosper in all areas of your life. When you know what you are capable of accomplishing with your God-given talents and abilities, it’s easier to maneuver into the best path that brings balance, harmony, abundance and peace in your life. Healing occurs during these sessions with Imelda as you release doubts and fears and feel strength and courage through answers from Angels, Spirit Guides, ancestors and loved ones. Your own intuitive abilities are awakened as you know and understand the truth about you. Please come prepared with questions regarding your concerns to maximize our time together.


*Readings are in person, by phone or via video calls

20 minute Intuitive Session

  • This is a good time slot if you have one to two questions.  Imelda provides a background to the problem and possible solutions based on information given by Spirit, your ancestors and your Higher Self. 

    What is best for your Soul growth and development will always come first and answers are given with this premise in mind. 

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