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Spirit is Essential

Thank, thank you, thank you! I am so very grateful for your appreciation, kindness and love. How can “essential” be measure by a government.

SPIRITUAL NOURISHMENT is ESSENTIAL TO THE MIND, BODY and SOUL, in fact, Spiritual nourishment is the very foundation from were we pull strength, guidance, direction and patience. Our faith is the essence of hope that carries us through every moment. Faith in God, Creation, the Universe, Angels, love, Source, All that IS, ourselves and in humanity. I assure you, that if one has no faith in something greater than ourself, we will not exist. We will destroy ourselves immediately. We are Spiritual beings in a human body made by the greatest and most precise architect; Mother Earth. We must trust that our body will do its job and heal us. We must nourish it with good food, good thoughts and positive emotions so that it will continue to remain strong so it can fight on our behalf any intrusive energies. We must believe in our body’s ability to heal us. After all, if you are alive right now, your body is working with you to continue to be a vessel for your soul’s purpose and journey. If not, your time on earth has ended and you have changed forms to a higher vibrational body- lucky you. If we get anything from this experience, let’s get that our body is a precise universe and that it is moving and changing to adapt to its needs. Let’s have faith and not fear. #love #ourtribe #nofear #gratitude #iloveyou #faith #hope #moveforward #manifest #lion #powerofthreecenter #imeldabrewer #churches #synagogue #spiritualcenter #temple #mosque #sanctuary #


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