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Grounding, centering and emotions

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

Grounding is the act of “feeling” connected to your physical body and feeling strong and resilient.

The act of connecting to your physical bodies opens up energetic connections with the energy of Mother Earth and her natural world. Since our bodies are a part of the world, just like plants, animals and minerals, it is an earth- given right to have the ability to be a part of the whole Earth.

Grounding also means feeling strong and centered in your rational, intellectual, logical higher mind. This is the mind that connects the physical facts and does not get emotionally disturbed or disrupted. It is the part of you that follows the seasons of life without question, like animals and plants already do. The intuitive mind is connected at this level. Because it is connected to the fight or flight mechanism of the brain and soul.

By feeling grounded in your body, you can access all sorts of intuitive information that is useful and creative like Mother Earth.

This is a place of self- centered ness, self- control, creativity, potential and imagination.

Your connection to the Earth/Body energy is the axis from which you explore the world and create your life.

The axis of your body is in your chakras or energy centers and channels or meridians.

Energy flows from earth to Spirit or from Spirt to body, depending on which one you connect to the most. Either way. The energy of earth and spirit is always flowing through you because we are made of both. We are blessed this way.

Goal is acceptance of both energies at the same time without rejecting one or the other.

So, to be grounded is to feel strong, resilient, creative, centered in oneself, and be in the moment,

Yet reflect on the moment to receive more value from it.

Centered means that you “know” who you are, not necessary in the long term but who you are NOW. That you stand firm in your convictions, your goals, your opportunities, you take responsibility for your actions, words, emotions.

You honor how you feel and feel free to express emotions in creative ways.

You express love willingly and freely, take time for yourself without feeling guilty, you decide the course of your life with each thought and action.

Being centered also means that you honor the free will of others to choose their own experiences and you are merely an observer and a gentle guide if needed.

Trying to control others is a symbol of lack of self-control and disrespect for our brothers and sisters.

Mastering yourself is a feat in itself and distracting ourselves by projecting our own insecurities on to others is unfair to all.

Hence, when you feel comfortable in your body, mind, soul complex, we are able to discern with greater sensitivity and respect the needs of others and be of service through prayer, reflection, counseling, being present, without the burden of feeling guilty, shameful, regretful, angry, frustrated, etc.


Negative Emotions Create patterns of energy, like the wind and storm currents in our earth.

These currents move according to the degree of emotional fuel you give them. Because emotions are active, fluid and in motion, they converge with the same or similar emotions sent out to the ether by other people, creating a storm of similarity through the law of attraction and you get caught up in it Feeling like a victim, yet you created it.

Fear is a strong emotion, it is a major emotion that has a torrent of negativity associated with it.

Emotions are like the undercurrents of the sea, powerful enough to bring you down or powerful enough like the wind to send you where you want to sail. Your choice.

With the same power that you send a positive or negative emotion, with the same power you will receive it in return.

When you cycle an emotion in your mind, it pumps more force into the storm.

However, when we remove the thinking about the emotion and only allow the emotion itself to be felt throughout the body, it will dissipate quickly and the body will process it efficiently through its breath system. That’s what our etheric and emotionally bodies do... you contain the emotion within your vessel and it doesn’t create a storm for everyone else to join and give power to.

You body actually transmutes it into usable energy for you to have available to you.

This is truly self responsibility and self-centeredness.

Releasing emotions through the body is what animals do. That’s why they can go on with their lives almost immediately after a traumatic event, such as being chased by a lion and living through it.

They allow the emotions of fear, fright, panic to flow through their body because they don’t rationalize, judge, make excuses, assign guilt, criticize, etc. They innately understand that life is dangerous and they must use their talents, skills and abilities to defy the odds, to survive and thrive.

They don’t stop to think “why would the lion want to hurt me? I didn’t do anything to it?” It doesn’t say, I blame my mother for not telling me the lion was there”.

Animals as well as our instinctive mind know how to recover the body’s balance if we do not get in the way with our mental mind- just breath, don’t try to control the natural mechanisms of your body by thinking, just breath and feel the emotion flow through your body.

Give your body time to process the emotion just like your digestive system process it’s food. You don’t think about how the food is digested, you just give it time, don’t you?

Allow your natural systems to do their job and you will never get emotionally stuck in your life again.

Why? Because lessons that come from emotional experiences cannot be learned while you are in an emotional state.

The higher mind, which is the part of you that actually learns from experiences on earth is not emotional. Emotions are lower body (instinctive responses to mental perceptions) processes not higher mind processes.

These are two distinct areas, different levels, different dimensions.

The Higher mind/Soul complex is objective and subjective at the same time therefore it can analyze, process, understand, and implement the lesson without emotion. In other words, it can only do its work when you are not emotional and the lessons from your experience can be learned and applied without pain.

Trust this process within yourself. You are created by the most precise architect in Creation.

copyrighted material, All rights reserved. Imelda Brewer

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Thanks for having this ❤️. This is helpful and I hope I’ll guide my emotions .


Robert Petrone
Robert Petrone
Aug 31, 2020

Amazing. Very well put. Impressive.


Cindi Cook
Cindi Cook
May 07, 2020

This was excellent ! I will definitely put this into practice . Thank you for sharing these vital pieces of truth with us .

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