What is the Best State of Mind to Always Be in for Optimal Living?

Best state of mind is to be and remain flexible and open to new opportunities. When a person closes their mind to new opportunities and adventures, they become rigid and hopeless in their ways. There is no fun in being rigid because human nature is not rigid, it is flexible! As you move through your day, keep in mind that flexibility is key to enjoying your day and the optimal opportunities it provides for you.

Be open to hear new ideas emerge from people around you and learn to pick up on cues from what they share that inspire you to try something new. Oftentimes, when other people speak, they share their ideas of this or that, creating open spaces for thoughts and ideas that may bring inspiration to you or answers you may be needing at that moment. Be like a child my friends, be willing to move in any direction that brings you most satisfaction and joy. These little joys add up to a day full of fun and adventure! Be joyous my friends for you are here for only a little while!

Thank you! Who may I say is speaking? Just say it’s the “Spirit of adventure” knocking:)

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