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Goddess Day aka Friday the 13th

It is time to clear the air around this superstition. The misinformation around folklore of feminine power (i.e. witch trials) is a result of the fear of female empowerment and the systematic separation of women and their Divinity. Fridays are ruled by Venus and named for the Goddess Freya or Frigg so the energy around Fridays has always been feminine. The number 13 was deemed unlucky in the early days of patriarchal Christianity which runs everything on the cycle of 12. Also a very significant spiritual number it is not the ONLY significant spiritual number, as each has their own attributes. Thirteen was considered a feminine number as it ties to the number of Moon cycles in a year and subsequently often the number of menstrual cycles a women will have in the year. For most it signifies the number of days to the point of the cycle where a woman would be fertile and ready for birth and life forthcoming. The modern fear of the number 13 as unlucky and the murderous bloody take over of the special combination of Friday and 13 were part of the design to separate women from their Divine Empowerment. We are no longer in the dark about our connection to Divine and it is time to reclaim our holidays to celebrate the energy of Divine feminine and our endless, timeless, natural given power to create, nurture, and heal. Men, don't feel left out, today is the day to connect with your own feminine energy and celebrate duality. Happy Goddess Day!!

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