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We are Divine Love

We are all love. We are born of love, for love, and with love. Unfortunately some of us don’t get this from our parents, maybe not from anyone on this Earth. The love from our Creator is the love that we are born with. The most Divine pure love. Our souls are brought into this world, new or reborn, ready to accept the love of the Divine and ready to share it with others.

From the moment you open your eyes you begin to imprint on that love with your own experience until we are separated from it by our egos. It is a blessing and honor to become aware of this separation in order to make the next steps to mend ties with our Divine Creator.

Intuition is the direct communication line we have with Divinity. Everyone is born equipped with intuition, that is why phrases like “follow your gut” or “I feel it in my bones” exist. Our bodies and souls are connected in a metaphysical way that allows for us to be receptors to Divine messages with certain body parts even without trying. If you take the time to practice asking questions, listening to Divine, and following the instructions or prompts you are given you can reconnect to that Divine love deeply and completely. This means giving yourself the love you deserve actively, every day; through meditation, exercise, healthy food, and sending positive emotions out to yourself and others in all you do.

I challenge those reading my words to spend at least 10 minutes a day loving themselves until you come to find you can’t go a day without it. It will become a necessity to find time to be grateful for life, to thank creator for your existence, and to show the universe that you take responsibility for your thoughts and actions on this plane, pledging to give your best in the name of Divine Love. That could mean stretching with intention, praying, chanting, singing, whatever it means to you to communicate with the Creator. You will find your preferred ritual on the journey to finding self love.

Do you want a life without 10 minutes every day that are only for loving you? I know people who not only think this but mock or scold people like myself who practice or promote self love or self care. As if we don’t deserve these concepts of self love and self care by birthright, as if we must earn the right to love ourselves. You can’t allow yourself to believe this even for a minute. We all deserve to feel the Creator’s love and we are responsible for practicing self love and connection to Divinity in order to feel it at it’s most pure and powerful.

Create a 10 minute routine, ritual, or prayer that you use as intention to connect to Creator and higher self. Stick to that routine daily, extend it to longer, do not fall off because you miss a day, stay the course it will be worth it. Before you know your daily ritual will be one of your favorite parts of the day, it will empower and exhilarate you. If you don’t know how to extend your routine but you feel motivated to do more just repeat your same ritual. Spend as much time in a day loving yourself as you can.

Beyond your daily practice comes loving your body with your day to day choices. Making progress with yourself over time to add healthy practices to your life to squeeze out the unhealthy practices. Simple math says that when you spend more time making healthy choices you automatically have less time to make bad ones. Taking care of your mind, body, and spirit is a gift you can give yourself every day.

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