Guided Meditation:

An Introduction to Meditation Practice

Thursday July 18,2019

11:30 AM- 12:30 PM

Cost: $11

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Meditation is useful for everyone, whether you are looking to clear your mind, calm your nerves or connect to the divine. Getting started with meditation is the same as everything else, you need some methods and exercises to start and this class is meant to give you that. We refer to meditation as a practice because you don't just step into the space and excel, you must be consistent and practice for the positive effects to take place.

In this class you will learn: breathing exercises visualization methods mind body connection tips that will help you enter a space of relaxation and readiness to receive messages Please come ready to relax in comfortable clothing if possible

By easing into meditation thru guided meditation, you will build the confidence you need to take your meditation to the next level. Soon you will find yourself creating your own customized meditation practice enabling you to experience life thru your very presence in it.


Past participant review:

I love Kellee' Michele's guided meditation class. I have attended quite a few, and today I have created my own style of meditation using the tips and methods taught in this class. I find that my life has taken on a peaceful flow, and the connection to my spiritual side has blossomed.


Kellee Michele