Fundamentals of Intuitive Development

4 class course begins:

Wednesday June 5, 2019

7:00-9:00 PM

Cost: $250


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Learning to listen to your intuition is like using your internal compass, always guiding you through your life’s decisions and choices for the benefit of your higher self and life’s path. It is also crucial to developing your psychic and mediumship abilities, because without you listening to your intuition, it would be impossible for you to understand the messages that you are receiving.

Everyone has intuition, it is tied to your fight or flight mechanism that keeps you from danger. However, your fight or flight mechanism is the primitive, physical aspect of you, whereas your intuition is the higher, more evolved part of your higher consciousness. It is part of the same coin but different sides.

When one is connected to their intuition, life flows better and mistakes are rarely made because we can know what feels best for us and we see the larger picture of our life. Because of it, we are more compassionate, loving and understanding with ourselves and others who also walk on this journey with us. We’re also able to appreciate the lessons from our experiences in a way that allows us to grow at all levels of our being, creating harmony and balance for the next decision and choice.

Our intuition is the connection to our Soul or Higher Self, therefore every experience we create serves to heal us from the past and to create new opportunities for the future.

This class is the beginning for those seeking to expand their psychic and mediumship abilities and further their training in this valuable area. If you can develop these higher abilities, you will be able to help yourself and help guide your family with wisdom and understanding.
Your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical evolution is your mission while you are alive, nothing else will matter if your focus is not you. 

Please be sure to sign up through the website in order to be enrolled properly and so we can order enough books for purchase.

In this class you will learn:
1. To connect to your intuition by learning to discern between ego/mind thoughts and higher-self or Soul guidance.
2. To trust your inner guidance
3. Meditation and focus techniques to help you manage mind chatter and raise your vibration.
4. To go inward to focus your attention to the subtle energy of your intuition.
5. To let go of limited beliefs, ideas and values that keep you disconnected from knowing yourself.
6. To become aware of the distorted images of self and vocabulary you use on a regular basis that create doubt and muffles your ability to hear your own guidance.
7. To distinguish the thoughts and emotions of others from your own.
This class will involve the purchase of a book at a discounted rate to be used in class and for practice.


Class Dates :

Wednesday June 5th, 12th, 19th and 26th

7:00-9:00 PM


Imelda Brewer

 "Our goals are to enlighten the mind, support the
health of the body, and enhance the journey of the soul."