Intermediate Psychic Development

6 class course begins

Thursday May 2

7:00-9:30 PM


Must REGISTER to Attend

This class builds on foundational concepts taught in fundamentals of Psychic development.
This class will concentrate on the following practical and theoretical elements:

  • Ethics, Morals and using Divine Guidance

  • Further exploration on rituals, prayer and meditation

  • How to raise your vibration to the energy of love and compassion to serve humanity and your soul purpose.

  • Trusting your own knowing and feeling.

  • Exploration and Practice with different Divination methods

  • Connecting to your Divine Master teacher

  • Practice of Discernment between your own energy and that of others in human or Spirit form.

  • Discern between past, present and future information

  • Begin to create Pictionary and  Symbols to help you understand information.

  • Further development of Clairsentience, clairvoyance and claircognizance

  • Further development and practice in making connections by using psychic energy.

There will be hands-on-practice of skills learned at each class. Each class builds on another, so please be sure to attend all classes.
All students taking this class must meet with Imelda prior to  beginning of classes to help them discover and meet their Spiritual teachers in a 30 minute session (separate discounted fee).

30 minute Discovery session with Imelda: $45

(Discounted price is only for confirmed and paid in full students of this class)


Imelda Brewer

 "Our goals are to enlighten the mind, support the
health of the body, and enhance the journey of the soul."