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Spiritual Development

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It is necessary for us to experience ourselves through every aspect of life so we may know ourselves. Each piece of us, lights, shadows and greys so that once we experience a piece of ourselves, we can integrate it into the whole, the light of who we are as spiritual Beings.

What are your thoughts about the Passage below? “We present here a model of polarity. That which is opposing or perceived as opposing. Once the opposing aspect is recognised as self (another aspect of self, yet still self), one integrates the polarity and moves into unity. This is the path of all creation. To experience extreme separation and extreme contrast/ polarity in order to defragment/ separate or compartmentalise self in order to understand self and know self. Once self is seen and known then self begins its journey of integration, unity and wholeness. This creates a new unified Source perspective, standing as the Source perspective that knows itself (the end point) next to Source perspective that seeks to know itself (the beginning point).

When these two points come together (male/ female, dark/ light, good/ evil, matter/ antimatter), one creates the singularity. The zero point, inception point or the creation point. This is the point of beginning/ end merge and the same place as the dimensional merge point.

Awareness of this creates the dimensional merge point, the overlap or dimensional 'edge' if you will. The fabric of the dimensional merge point simultaneously creates the awareness. The neutral presentation, 'the grey aspect', allows for complete objectivity with an awareness of 'keeping the balance' if you will.”

— Divine Architecture and the Starseed Template: Matrix Memory Triggers for Ascension by Magenta Pixie

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Jennifer hoover
Jennifer hoover
Nov 01, 2020

Interesting you should write about this topic like such. The past 3 weeks I have been pondering and working on recognitions awareness of this very concept... balance and alignment of the polarities within. Accepting and loving every part vs rejection. Having equality in all forms helps the fluidity of being and promotes unison within. *** i swear you're in my head! Haha 💜💜



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