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Spiritual Development

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In October’s Spiritual development 2 we learned the importance of symbols in readings and in life. Everything in life is a symbol of something deeper and its important that we “read” into them to gain broader, deeper understanding of our life and selves. We also learned the art of story telling as we look into a person’s current situation to paint a more distinguished and clear viewpoint of it. It helps the client understand the situation with more clarity by seeing it from another person‘s perspective. At the same time, it helped the reader understand how a story guided by intuition can bring awareness about our own abilities to pick up on symbols and how they can reveal a great deal of Information, if we just pay attention.

We also covered a few reasons why people who die do not cross over Into the light.

We spoke about some of the benefits of being empathic and how this ability allows us to gain life experience that we otherwise would not be able to get if we didn’t have this ability. We discussed the reasons why “awareness” of self, others and our environment is crucial to our spiritual development.

It was a good class with lots of nuggets of information!

Mo Flores
Cami Brubaker
Marisol M
Marisol M
Marisol M
18 oct. 2020

Sad I missed it. Everything sounds very interesting.



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