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Thu, Aug 15


Power of Three Center

Full Moon Meditation: Mysti’s Lunar Hour of Aquarian Power!

Participants will become immersed in a powerful somatic healing environment that will bring them an immediate sense of Harmonious Empowerment that can be replicated outside of the group session.

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Full Moon Meditation: Mysti’s Lunar Hour of Aquarian Power!
Full Moon Meditation: Mysti’s Lunar Hour of Aquarian Power!

Time & Location

Aug 15, 2019, 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Power of Three Center, 1125 E 16th St #A8, Upland, CA 91784, USA


About The Event

Please Bring a hand held mirror or you may use your phone on selfie mode during the affirmation integration!

This is the Sturgeon Moon and we will take a guided dive into the watery realm of the divine feminine during this cosmically guided meditation. This FULL MOON in Aquarius at 22 degrees Aquarius just so happens to synchronize with Mysti's Mystical Rebirth Day!!! The light-hearted, childlike energy of this month's full moon is much lighter, gentler, and more playful that the serious paternal energy of the previous month filled with Eclipses in Cancer (Mother) and Capricorn (Father). Even still, because the lunar nodes stay polarized in Cancer and Capricorn until May 2020, most light workers are being challenged in their masculine and feminine integration at this time though some may not recognize that the challenges between work (masculine, patriarch of Capricorn, and the psychological animus) and the pull of the home sector (feminine, mother archetype of Cancer, and the psychological anima). Join Mysti in her ability to evoke your whole inner child and to play with clay of reality in such a way that reality is gently shifted and more aligned to your highest good and growth!

The new moon in Leo asked us to intend and actualize the Leo drive of the sun and to be visible in our new enlightened selves. This energy will feel light and warm and it has a dynamic feel to it that conjuncts Venus (planet of the feminine) and Mars (planet of the masculine). So one can clearly see how the cosmic energy is provoking our shadowed parts into greater light, acceptance, and integration. The full moon in Aquarius beckons our integration of the WHOLE INNER CHILD: the little girl as well as the little boy. Once we are able to love and accept these aspects of self that we didn't fully grow and develop and possibly even denied, then, we fall in love with that person (you) and that (your) destiny and (we) become whole and complete.

We will intend and mediate over some of the key concepts related to the whole inner child so that we might raise, grow, and nurture our animus and anima allowing for healing and wholeness. Come out and join us in luminous self healing under the healing light of the silvery full moon! We will create and recite powerful affirmations and maximize the healing potential of the somatic environment back dropped against the light of the healing moon!

  • Participating in a collective ceremony during the energetic portal of a lunar eclipse imbues individual intention with more power than when done alone.
  • Energizing participant's crystals, jewelry, and amulets (optional) with the balancing of cosmic energy proves to be stabilizing to the human biosphere.
  • Harmonizing water with seven harmonic tonal notes corresponding to the seven Chakras during Somatic Sound Ceremony and then consuming the lunar liquid in sacrament (optional) proves to be balancing, harmonizing, and healing to the mind, body, and spirit.
  • Participating in the ceremonialization of the natural lunar cycle is a powerful process that can be replicated by anyone, anywhere, for anything!
  • Somatic Therapies such a Chakra Tuned Himalayan Tibetan Healing Bowls allow for participants to experience immediate serenity, harmony, and deep energetic cleansing of the Chakra Centers.
  • Guided Visual and Orated Meditation allows for participants to gaze upon and listen to powerful Lunar Imagery that imbues energetic repairs necessary for our hearts to radiate the love frequency.
  • Gazing through mirror work allows participants to visualize their power and then to integrate the lunar energy on a subconscious level that can be accessed consciously and on a daily basis.
  • Participants will be guided in meditation to contemplate lunar imagery and symbolism accessing and integrating any hidden meaning relating to the inner masculine and feminine core that surfaces into their conscious awareness.
  • Participants will recite lunar affirmations using their hand held mirror to integrate the feminine and masculine energies in a way that is conscious, intentional, and holistic.

Psychologist Carl Jung suggests that the lunar node polarity symbolizes the psyche or soul of the individual as it integrates its separate parts of masculine expression known as the animus and its feminine expression known and the anima. This duality is being out-pictured in the lunar node polarity between the archetypal masculine essence (Capricorn) and the archetypal feminine essence (Cancer). Participants will allow themselves the mental-emotional space to process the events that WILL be highlighted over the next many months as the lunar nodes will stay in Cancer and Capricorn for months, until May 5, 2020. This powerful guided group meditation will imbue the conscious and subconscious layers of the psyche with that which is required for greater holism, greater presence, and greater love.

Participants will become immersed in a powerful somatic healing environment that will bring them an immediate sense of Harmonious Empowerment that can be replicated outside of the group session. Through the creation of verbal/written affirmations, coupled with mirror work, participants strengthen and emblematize their current intentions as they anchor them within the lunar cycle. Participants then become hopefully watchful as they reap the rewards of their efforts throughout the duration of the lunar cycle, becoming more purposeful of their next New Moon intentions that will culminate in fullness during the group meditation.



Mysti brings over 17 years of credentialed teaching experience along with a M.A. in Education to her practice as a Certified Metaphysical Practitioner who uses Spiritual Mind Counseling techniques along with her gifts of oration, writing, and poetry to provoke the potential of all souls in which she encounters. Mysti is currently a Ph.D candidate studying Transpersonal Counseling & Relationship Dynamics and she is serving to bring unconditional love and light to the students, families, and communities she serves

You may cancel your class up to 24 hours before the class begins and request to receive a full refund. If you do not cancel prior to the 24 hours you will lose the payment for the class. Refunds are given in-store via cash or check.


  • Full Moon Meditation




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