Channeling your Higher Self Through Automatic Writing (Level 1)

Wednesday July 24, 2019
:00-8:30 PM

Cost: $35


This is a writing class focused on learning to connect with your Higher Self or Soul through a written dialogue. This method allows creativity and expression from the higher levels of your subconscious. Imelda stresses the importance of removing doubt and trusting yourself. In her class you will receive feedback and she suggest questions that can stimulate dialogue with your higher self as you write down the answers you receive. Automatic writing is a great way to connect and receive answers that you may not otherwise get if you are not trained in listening to your intuition. Automatic writing strengthens your connection to you Soul and it’s a precursor to connecting and trusting a connection to your Spiritual Guides.


In this class you will learn:

  • What is automatic writing, how and why it works

  • Preparatory steps to get relaxed and focused

  • Tools and helpful allies that will strengthen your connection

  • Meditations and prayers that raise your vibration

  • Discernment between higher self and lower self-information

  • You will learn how and what questions to ask to receive the highest and best answer.


You will practice automatic writing in this class to get you started on this lifelong journey of receiving guidance and information from your Higher Self. Writing can be done in print or a computer, it is up to you and how comfortable you feel with either method.  By the end of class, you will know the difference between higher self and lower self-conversations and be able to have these dialogues regularly if you practice. You will know how to phrase the questions so that you receive an answer that resonates with you


Imelda Brewer